Shaking The Syrian Boots


Uh oh, I bet the Syrians are shaking in their boots with word the UN will give them a time-out:

United Nations ? The United States, France and Britain on Tuesday demanded that Syria detain government officials suspected of involvement in the assassination of a former Lebanese prime minister and ensure their co-operation with a UN probe or face possible sanctions.

The call was contained in a strongly worded draft resolution that orders Syria to make the suspected officials or individuals ?fully and unconditionally available? to investigators who have accused Syria of obstructing their work.

[…] The new draft spells out a list of stern measures against Syria.

It would slap an immediate travel ban and asset freeze on suspects identified by the commission.

It states that Syria must allow interviews to take place outside the country and without Syrian official presence ? a key concern of the chief UN investigator, Detlev Mehlis.

If Syria does not fully co-operate with the investigation, the draft says the council intends to consider ?further measures,? including sanctions, ?to ensure compliance by Syria.?

Wow, a travel ban and asset freeze. Tough stuff there huh? Except Russia and China won’t go along with it, as usual. What a useless organization.

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