It’s A Loyalty I Have To My Country


Tancredo once again telling it like it is:

COPPER MOUNTAIN – Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) began his crusade seven-and-a-half years ago to make immigration in America a “hot topic.” Today, even his detractors would have to admit that in this, he has succeeded.

[…]”It’s a loyalty I have to my country,” Tancredo said. “When I take an oath of office, it’s not to the party or the president – it’s to the Constitution.”

Tancredo said that he first became concerned about immigration and bilingual issues while teaching at Drake Jr. High School in Jefferson County in 1975, when Colorado became the first state in the nation to pass a bilingual education law.

“Kids were taken out of my class and put into Spanish-speaking classes when they didn’t speak a word of Spanish – just if they had a Spanish last name,” he said. “You could go 12 years in a Denver public school and be in a class without hearing any English spoken. Who thought this up, that children shouldn’t assimilate linguistically in America?”

Congressman Tancredo focused much of his talk on what he called “the cult of multi-culturalism.”

The congressman spoke about a recent appearance he made at a high school in Douglas County, where he asked the students how many of them thought America was the greatest country in the world. “Maybe 10 percent raised their hands, and only with trepidation,” he said.

“Somebody taught them to be that way,” Tancredo continued. “It’s the teachers, the textbooks, the media. Everything is designed to debase and degrade Western civilization. What has happened to the idea that children and adults were proud to be Americans? What has happened to make them uncomfortable to say it?

“The cult of multi-culturalism has engulfed us.”

Tancredo went on to say that the “cult of multi-culturalism” has created a dangerous situation in America.

“This cult has become a national security issue,” he said. “We are so politically correct that we can’t say the name of our enemy in this war. ‘Terrorism’ is the tactic used – it’s not the entity. ‘Terrorism’ is too generic. It’s against Islamic fascism.”

Tancredo said that people are “fearful of using that phrase because it’s a religion or a culture.”

“The epithet ‘racism’ is always woven into the discussion,” Tancredo said. “It’s got nothing to do with this debate and why I entered into it. When people run out of all intellectual debate they resort to name-calling. If they tag you as a racist, they diminish you.”

Tancredo said that people coming into America should be made welcome, but “you should know you are now separating yourself from wherever you came from to become American. Your first allegiance is to this country.”

Every day that passes I am more impressed with Tom, but he makes way too much sense to make it very far in politics unfortunately.

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