Mr. Moonbat Olbermann


The Political Teen has the goods on Marx Brother Olbermann:

Tonight was Keith Olbermann?s ?Nexus of Politics & Terror? segment that he has been hyping for several days. Olbermann uses far-out conspiracy theories to attempt to make it look like the Bush administration uses fake terror alerts when bad news is reported about them.

Number 3: Olbermann tries to make the comparison: Anti-war marches = a fake terror alert. There have been several anti-war marches since the start of The War in Iraq, however there hasn?t been a terror alert for each and everyone. This is just a coincidence.

Number 5: Olbermann tries to equate a fake terror alert to the Chief UN Weapon resigning. So apparently every time someone important in the War on Terror resigns, we must have a terror alert. Why there wasn?t one when Tom Ridge resigned or heck when Michael Brown (head of FEMA) resigned?

Number 6: Remember in early 2004, several contractors were drug threw the street and eventually hung on a bridge? You know, the people Kos said ?screw them? about. Well apparently the administration pressed the button to set off a phony terror alert. Yeah, this makes a lot of sense.

Number 7-8: In the former, Olbermann says Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge was not at terror alert announcement as if that is supposed to signal he didn?t approve of it? But then in Number 8, Olbermann notes Ridge is at the terror alert announcement. So which one is it Keith? Make up your mind.

Finally, in some of the arguments Olbermann notes that investigators said a terror alert was produced from documents that were found out to be outdated. Wouldn?t documents that we didn?t know were outdated before hand is grounds for a terror alert? Olbermann doesn?t even know when he contradicts himself.

Mr. Olbermann’s moonbat ideas would only make sense if a terror alert was created every time someone talked bad about the administration. For example, why was there no phony terror alert when Cindy Sheehan camped outside of the White House or had Sheehanapalooza in Washington, DC two weeks ago? Where was the phony terror alert when the Downing Street Memos came out?

How about sending cruise missiles into Afghanistan the day Monica testified?

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