PETA’s Lunacy


Some of you may remember the post I did on Penn & Teller’s expose about PETA where they skewered the idiots in that organization. Well now take a look at this:

The bottom-feeders at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have come up with a new way to turn children against their parents: a gruesome comic entitled "Your Daddy Kills Animals," telling kids that fathers who fish are murderers. PETA operatives began handing out the graphic flyers to children on September 24, "Fish Amnesty Day" (apparently for the liberation of all those piscine political prisoners). This comes nearly two years after PETA activists, clad in animal suits, began forcing the similarly inspired
"Your Mommy Kills Animals" comic into young children’s hands.

The anti-fishing pamphlet is just one more part of PETA’s ongoing campaign to indoctrinate kids with sickening propaganda. One PETA campaign coordinator told the Associated Press: "We would never use shock tactics with children; it wouldn’t be right." PETA is certainly correct when it says targeting kids is beyond the pale. Read more about their deplorable behavior in our report, "Your Kids, PETA’s Pawns: How the Animal ‘Rights’ Movement Hurts Children."

Equally disgusted, Hook, Line & Sinker editor Karen Wall guts this most recent PETA initiative with a few choice observations, saving her best barbs for anti-fishing coordinator Karin Robertson, a woman who once changed her name to "" — at least for as long as it took major news outlets to notice:

Though Robertson said the group would never try to give the flyers to any child younger than 13 — "We would hand it to the parent instead," she said — the flyer is clearly geared toward elementary school children through the language it uses, making references to "doggies and kitties" and referring to fathers as "Daddy."

The most troubling passage reads, "Until your daddy learns that it’s not ‘fun’ to kill, keep your doggies and kitties away from him. He’s so hooked on killing defenseless animals that they could be next!"

That’s an outrageous assertion. Just because I fish doesn’t mean I’m going to go home and gut my dog with a fillet knife.

Leaving aside the fact that PETA doesn’t want kids to have any "doggies" or "kitties" — President Ingrid Newkirk says that PETA stands for "total animal liberation," including the liberation of pets — it’s important to remember that it’s not fishermen who are killing dogs and cats. It’s PETA employees.

Here is the front of the pamphlet:

and click this link to see the 2nd page which tells the kids that daddy is hooked on killing innocent animals, so watch ur kitten or puppy.

I’m just waiting for their pamphlet denouncing abortion and the pain it causes the unborn. It’s simply amazing to me that people are drawn to these wacko’s, I mean do they not see the lunacy in what they are promoting?

Doug from Proud To Be Canadian has this to say:

Knowing that sanity reigns supreme in most American households and that the vast majority of parents think the PETA cronies are certifiable, the mentally challenged at PETA have gotten busy developing kiddy websites, worming their way into mass media and stoking their plants within the public fool system with a fresh batch of PETA Kool-Aid. Be prepared, mom and dad, for the possibility that your unmonitored kid will get that Ban roll-on glazed look over their eyes, chant the mantra of the non-meat eaters, and give you that tsk-tsk look if you order chicken for dinner, because PETA is specifically gunning for them.

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I’m just waiting for their pamphlet denouncing abortion and the pain it causes the unborn. It’s simply amazing to me that people are drawn to these wacko’s, I mean do they not see the lunacy in what they are promoting?

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PETA’s pathology is a natural result of leftists’ tendency to always side with the other. For the same reason they have felt compelled to sympathize with communists and terrorists at the expense of their own society, and have taken up the cause of other ethnic groups in opposition to their own, they also side with other species against humans. The next step is to side with inanimate objects against life forms.

These annoying PETA wackos can yammer all they want about compassion in their stupid ads and protests they certianly didnt show any compassion to the 95% to 97% of they animals they killed and left in the dumpster