Al-Qaeda Reporter Arrested


Oops, meant Al-Jazeera reporter, what was I thinking: (h/t Jihad Watch)

An Al-Jazeera television reporter accused of links with al-Qaeda has been re-arrested in Spain.

Tayseer Alouni and a second suspect, Jamal Hussein, were ordered to be taken into custody on the grounds that they might flee.

They had originally been bailed for health reasons before the verdicts in their case, due later this month.

Mr Alouni denies using a posting in Afghanistan to distribute money to the militant Islamic network.

The prosecution says the reporter, who holds dual Syrian and Spanish citizenship, had an “intense and continuous” relationship with Immad Yarkas, known as Abu Dahdah, who is also on trial.

Mr Yarkas was arrested by Spanish authorities in November 2001 on suspicion of heading an al-Qaeda cell that allegedly provided funding and logistics for the people who planned the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Sounds like a model employee for a unbiased news organization. Here’s a bit more on why he was arrested to begin with:

An al-Jazeera television journalist and eight others have been remanded in custody in Spain ahead of a trial on charges of having links with al-Qaeda.

Tayseer Alouni, who holds dual Syrian and Spanish citizenship, was arrested on Thursday evening on his way home.

Prosecutors urged that he and the other eight remain in custody until their February trial for fear they may flee.

Lawyers for the nine criticised the order, saying they had abided by the conditions of bail set over a year ago.

The nine are among more than 35 people – including Osama Bin Laden – indicted on charges of belonging to or collaborating with al-Qaeda by Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon.

The Associated Press reports that 11 are already in jail, while 19 are still at large.

Health problems Mr Alouni – one of al-Jazeera’s best known reporters – was charged last year with fundraising for al-Qaeda.

He is accused of using his reporting trips to Kabul in Afghanistan as a cover for his activities.

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