Blame Bush


Funny stuff here: (via The Evil Conservative Blog)

Since Bush is to blame for hurricanes, more things Bush is to blame for


All the terrorists only started appearing in January of 2001, and never existed before that. Anyone who blew up innocent people were ?misguided freedom fighters? and in need of understanding.


He supports big business, including tobacco companies who forces poor people to smoke. Because he is rich, he is smart enough not to smoke.

People in wheelchairs

We all know if John Kerry was President, they would all be walking now. I believe this because John Edwards told me.


Everyone was rich and equal because the first black president helped all minorities, which Bush reversed all by himself overnight.

Reality TV shows

They were pretty much unheard of until Bush took office

Gas-guzzling SUVs

Everyone owned lean burning cars before 2001. All the rich liberals have hybrid limousines, while also having environmentally friendly private jets.

Death of the dinosaurs

It?s common knowledge that Ugg Bush, ancestor of President Bush refused to sign the Bongo Bongo agreement, even against the wishes of Mongo Kennedy. This decision wiped out the dinosaurs overnight. We all know that such decisions have overnight ramifications.

Boring ads on TV

Simply because he doesn?t allow boobs or sex in TV commercials, because the evil Zionists won?t let him allow them.

The Texas Rangers sucking

He once was the owner, they now suck.

The New York Yankees

He once owned the Texas Rangers, which have traded players to the Yankees

Steroids in baseball

Since he once owned a baseball team, he is naturally to blame for everything bad in baseball.


He has a ranch in Texas? Texas is hot during the summer.


Of course, they all loved us when Bill Clinton was President. They would die for us at the drop of a hat. They just turned to hating us when Bush was elected appointed. It?s such a terrible thing having unbathed smelly hairy people from Europe hating us.


Despite his scores at Yale being higher than John Kerry?s, the fact that John Kerry went to Vietnam (while Bush of course dodged the draft), makes him smarter than Bush. Now we are forced to listen to all his speeches, therefore making everyone else stupid, just like Bush.

Of course the left doesn’t think these are funny, these believes are the holy truth in their world.

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