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AIR AMERICA’S FINEST [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Ned Rice alerts:

If anyone cares, at 3:46 PM p.s.t. this afternoon on Air America Radio Randi Rhodes repeatedly urged listeners in hurricane ravaged areas to go right out and loot, arguing that poor people should be allowed to do so at will. She even advised her listeners to avoid discount centers like Wal-Mart and concentrate their looting on some of the higher-end stores so as to have access to higher quality stuff.

I’m not sure if Randi was joking or serious (although with her it’s always hard to be sure), but even in jest should she be allowed to do this on the air?

At least she wasn’t calling for the assasination of President Bush, as she’s done on the air in the past.

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And then yesterday Randi said the following:

“This President is never gonna do the right thing. I think somewhere deep down inside him he takes a lot of joy about losing people, if he thinks they vote Democrat or if he thinks they’re poor, or if he thinks they’re in a blue state, whatever his reasons are not to rescue those people who are (planning?) for their safety.”

If a Republican were saying the same thing about a Democratic President, or for that matter and Democrat they would be calling for her/his head.

More from The Radio Equalizer:

Here’s what Randi’s listeners contend:

— That Bush waited too long to tour the damaged region,

— That he’ll need to bomb Iceland, or some other helpless country, to deflect attention from the disaster,

— That Cheney’s only concern was with Gulf oil rig damage (followed by cracks about his heart condition),

— Why didn’t the administration have sandbags ready in time? One poster suggests the President be locked up for this supposed offense.

— National Guard troops were unavailable because they’re all in Iraq,

— Bush cut funding for New Orleans levee system, therefore the storm damage is his fault,

— The President was more worried about playing golf than lining up donor aid for victims.

Brian then goes on to question some of these statements the left is making:

For instance, you’ll never hear her explain the potential timetable for such levee upgrades, whether Bush actually supported them or not. Could they really have been ready in time to prevent this?

What evidence is there to support her claims these improvements were opposed by the Bush Administration because the very same funds were needed for the war effort?

Has there been an accusation from any Louisiana public official that having National Guard troops in Iraq has somehow impeded Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts?

On Wednesday, 1600 police officers were redirected to the city to restore law and order. So where’s the shortage?

If the warning signs of a catastrophic collapse in New Orleans were so clear, why haven’t Air America’s hosts been talking about the subject for the last 18 months?

Perhaps most importantly, could even the costliest upgrades have protected the city from a Category Five hurricane’s near-direct hit? Especially during a major power failure?

Sometimes I wonder how many of the “rational” left will get sucked down in the moonbats rabbithole. Am I glad the left won’t be winning many elections in the near future, you betcha…but we need a viable two party system and the way the extreme left is taking over that party, it does not look good.

Does the Democratic party really want these types?

Many poor residents will be dying as Bush speaks useless words about the catastrophe. The hungry and wet people won?t be fed by Bush?s visit, but perhaps if he falls out of a helicopter while surveying the damage, the residents can make a good jambalaya with the presidential corpse.

…Finally, let?s remember that looting is a form of wealth redistribution. When rich people loot, they call it capitalism, good business practices, third quarter dividends, the new economy and ?giving people job.?


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