Questions For Cindy


C.S. from A Frenzy Of Cognition has some questions for Cindy Sheehan:

I don’t have the time to reproduce the article in full here, but suffice it to say Cindy Sheehan of Crawford protest fame has written a letter for Michael Moore’s website. Peep the questions I have for Cindy and her gapped logic:

Dear Cindy,

(1) Doesn’t “whipping up” your camp into a “deafening” slogan match the “whipping up” of the pro-war rally? Does this mean, then, that the Nazi comparison applies to you as well?

(2) What proof of “hatred” for you exists from the pro-war side? Does a slogan chanted by a dissenting body of like-minded individuals constitute hatred? Wouldn’t you be guilty of the same thing? Why do you hate your fellow Americans, Cindy?

(3) Didn’t George Bush get Congressional approval for this “illegal” war? If so, how can the war be illegal? Is it because you want it to be illegal? Isn’t it true that the U.N. Security Council permitted use of force? Isn’t it also true that the nations of the Security Council believed Iraq had or was developing WMD’s? Did all those countries lie as well?

(4) If you have a right to dissent and tell George W. Bush that he is wrong, don’t others have an equal right to dissent against you by telling you that you and your actions are wrong? By discouraging their dissent against your dissent, don’t you tag yourself with the very same “un-patriotic” and “un-American” tag which you used against them? Isn’t it true that the gist of the counter-rally is that it’s what you’re saying and not the freedom you employ to express it (i.e., freedom of speech)?

(5) Can you not grasp sarcasm, Cindy? Isn’t it true that a “Say No To War — Unless a Democrat is President” means just what it says, namely that the anti-war left wouldn’t be opposing this war if the Presiden’ts last name was Clinton? Are you just that foolish?

(6) If this is a war for oil, Cindy, then where’s the oil? I just paid $2.69 per gallon to fill my tank, the highest I’ve ever paid, so why aren’t prices down to $1.15 like the good ol’ days before we launched the War for Oil? I’d call that a very unsuccessful war, wouldn’t you? Does Bush get to keep the oil for himself? Where will it go once he’s stolen it? Or has he already???

(7) How is the war a grab for power and greed? Isn’t it true Bush will be gone in ’08? If so, how will he wield mammoth power? Will he turn the U.S. into a Benevolent Dictatorship? Abolish presidential term limits? How?

(8) Isn’t it true that if Bush can bypass your loony camp with a helicopter then he’s not as “uncomfortable” as you’d like to believe? I’d love to scoot about via a helicopter, Cindy! If those are the perks to having bleeding hearts camp and chant outside your door do you think you can make a stop in Chicago en route to D.C.?

(9) If yours is a peace protest, Cindy, then why are you “bird dogging” the President wherever he goes? How is that peaceful? I could have sworn you said you were a “peace movement.”

(10) Lastly, isn’t it true the U.S. operates an all volunteer Armed Forces and that the ranks therein took the vow to serve their country wherever and whenever it called? So isn’t it true then that the men and women of our military are not “innocent” as you describe them, but rather willing, dutiful, and honorable participants (your son included)?


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