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I listened to a great exchange today on Sean Hannity between Melanie Morgan, Sean and Bob Beckel:

S – Melanie, tell us about your group and the caravan heading to crawford?

M – Well, as you know Sean I’m the chairman of Move America Forward which is a pro-American, pro-troop organization and we have had frankly enough of Cindy Sheehan. That’s why we’ve put together a tour called You Don’t Speak For Me Cindy and we’ve been..we started out in San Francisco yesterday morning, we stopped in Vacaville, Cindy Sheehan’s home town and we went to Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield and we’re going all the way across the country until we get to Crawford and I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely amazing and heart rending it is how all the military families and other’s are stopping their lives to get to Crawford and join in on our caravan. It’s simply amazing, people like Joseph Williams who lost his son in Iraq. Elmer Crawd who lost his brother in Iraq. These are people who are joining us very spontaneously and coming aboard the caravan and getting to Texas because they want to say to the rest of the Country and they want to say to our troops we will not lose our nerve, we will not lose our resolve, we stand behind our troops and we stand behind the Commander in Chief and the mission they have to accomplish.

S – Bob Beckel does it matter that Cindy Sheehan already met with the President and when she met with him she said I know he’s sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqi’s, I know he feel’s sorry, sorrow and pain for our loss, I know he’s a man of faith and she now calls him the world’s biggest terrorist she compares him to being a fascist, say’s America is not worth dying for, want’s Israel out of Palestine, vow’s not to pay taxes and associates with and Michael Moore?

B – Yeah, well, you know Sean first of all I can’t answer what goes on in Cindy’s mind but I can tell you this a lot has changed now but what I’m curious about here is ah Melanie talks about her caravan going across the country going to Crawford I assume you don’t speak for us Cindy which is what Melanie said is the name of her group is does that mean Melanie that you lost somebody like Cindy did in Iraq? Is that right?

M – Every single American life that is lost Bob is a loss to us all. I have two boy’s I hope they never have to face war. I do not um and have not ever said that Cindy Sheehan did not suffer a loss. She suffered a grievous one but I wish that she would go home and do her grieving in public instead of hurting and actively undermining morale in this Country.

B – Why do..why do you think..just so you answered my question you did not lose anybody in Iraq I was just curious I wanted to get that fact out.

S – Wa wa wa wait but wait a minute, there are people that are a part of your group Melanie that have lost members in Iraq. I have had 5 or 6 calls just in the last few days from parents who have lost kids in Iraq that are disgusted with Cindy Sheehan.

M – I just mentioned Joseph Williams and Elmer Crawd are coming with us and we picked them up in Vacaville, they weren’t planning on going, they both have lost sons in Iraq. They have the moral authority just as much as Cindy Sheehan and really any one of us Bob in this Country who cares about our troops oversea’s. I’ve just returned from Iraq and I have spoken with those troops. Did you stop your summer vacation and spend $6,700 dollars of your own money to go see what the real situation is on the ground in Iraq or was you busy sniping at the troops and the rest of the Country?

B – You know, just just so, first of all I didn’t have a summer vacation but that’s all right but before you suggest that I’m sniping or those of us who are opposed to this war are sniping at our troops I said this to you last night and let me try to repeat it calmly again. Your unmitigated (unintelligible) and your patriotism that you keep throwing at us and suggesting that somehow by being opposed to this war we are not supportive of those troops is as unpatriotic statement as I think I’ve ever heard. We support the troops, the fact of the matter is this war has now turned in a direction that it was never presented to the American people that it was going to go in and when George Bush says that we’re safer here because we’re fighting there that is just not true. But don’t throw up some smoke screen here that somehow those of us that find something wrong here that don’t agree with King George are somehow not being supportive of our troops.

S – Can I just interject here?

M – Sean let me answer that question because I sat awake all night last night thinking about that when I was blindsided by Bob Beckel’s unbelievable comments. You know what, I’m calling your shot. Yes I’m going to say that you have a patriotism deficiency and I’m going to explain to you why as calmly as I possibly can. Because of people like you and people like Cindy Sheehan and all of these fringe left kooks who are down in Crawford are actually prolonging the war which is going to result in more American’s being killed and that is unpatriotic. It used to be that the politicians and the politico’s such as yourself and other people in the Democratic party stopped their politics at water’s edge but that’s not true anymore, that’s changed and frankly it’s a sad day for America.

B – Well let me respond to that calmly as well before you look a little at the history here, when Bill Clinton was fighting a war in Bosnia and he was oversea’s Republicans filed impeachment charges against him so I frankly you outta look at the history before you start throwing that out allegations against Democrats. Number 1 but number 2, you know what your suggesting here that because we believe that George Bush has waged and mismanaged a war and I said last night to you and I’ll repeat it. I’m not one of those conspiracy theorist who believe that George Bush did not think there was weapons of mass destruction, I think he did, I think there were, and I think when we went there it was with good intentions. Getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a good thing, letting these people have a vote was a good thing, having a new charter now a constitution is a good thing and getting a vote this fall for a new government is a good thing but after that what more should we do? We have done enough. More then we were ever asked or the American people were suggested that was going to happen to them so before you start throwing your unpatriotic challenges at me my friend I will tell you something you have a right to march to Crawford all you want and Cindy Sheehan has every right to be down there. The one moral high road she has that you don’t is that she lost somebody in the war, you didn’t.

M – That is simply a bogus charge and let me just say, my friend, that the election is over. We had this debate about weapons of mass destruction, whether or not it was proper to go over there and we won that war when George W. Bush was elected, re-elected, to take office again so are we gonna stay are we gonna cut and run. Let’s support our sons and daughters until this mission is over and I suggest that if you are a patriot as you say you are and I’ll take you at face value, why don’t you join our caravan. Go to and find out where you can get to the caravan so that you stand with Deborah John who has had a son who served two duties in Iraq and stand with Joseph Williams and Elmer Crawd and the other’s who have lost children that would be a patriotic gesture on your part.

S – Let me add one point here and by the way I have on our newsmaker line, we’re going to get to him in the next segment because we don’t have time on this, in this segment ah John Roblieski who did lose a son in Iraq and he want’s to talk to you Bob and I’ll give him a opportunity when we get back. You know something Bob, I think Cindy has every right to say whatever she wants. The people, I noticed you didn’t ask how many of those people have lost children in Iraq that are supporting her. Your not questioning their motives or George Soro’s, I wonder if he lost anybody in Iraq. The fact is that Sheehan represents a very small minority of families, but putting that aside for just a second here. You know something from the very beginning the leaders of your party have sought to undermine this effort led by your own Ted Kennedy who said this President started this war only for political purposes. Or Dennis Kucinich who said this President is targeting civilians for assassination or Howard Dean that advanced the theory that George Bush knew about 9/11 ahead of time now Bob frankly I didn’t hear you or any of your liberal friends going out there criticizing them for attacking this President and undermining our war effort from the very beginning or the false comparisons made by people like Dick Durbin about Guantanamo Bay, the examples are endless.

B – Ok, Sean, you do a lot of things in the course of the day so I can understand where you might forget this. On your very show I said 3 or 4 months ago, that I thought those statements were outrageous. I believe they were then and I believe they are now.

S – Where were you at the time, I don’t remember you coming out saying in a press conference that Ted Kennedy’s disgusting in his statements.

B – I want to ask you a question and I’ll ask Melanie a question. 61% of people in this Country oppose this war, are we all unpatriotic Melanie?

S – 60% supported it when we started it Bob but you know what it’s a long hard difficult road and you know what there has been so many lies and so much misinformation told and our troops compared to Nazi’s at Guantanamo Bay by leaders of your party that it’s pretty hard to overcome that negative propaganda every day.

M – Let me respond by saying that after spending 10 days in Iraq and you called it a vacation last night on television and I’m ashamed of you. 10 days in 125 degree heat with sand storms, the worst in the history of Iraq was not a vacation nor is it a vacation for any of our troops who are assigned there who I went to visit with and put a microphone in front of their face and ask me to tell their story, their story, so if you want to denigrate me, fine but your denigrating the troops at the same time and I wanna tell you what those troops told me. They told me without exception that they are proud to be there. They are enlistee’s and re-enlistee’s, they believe in the mission and they are sadly disappointed and grievously hurt byt the criticism that is coming from the hard left and the anti-war crowd, the blame America first crowd in this Country.

I have the audio here. Part 2, which get’s even better, coming up next.

Go to MoveAmericaForward.Org to find out about all the great stuff they are doing.

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