LAPD Shooting, Update VII


A panel has been put together to study the LAPD shooting between their SWAT team and Jose Pena which resulted in the death of Jose and his daughter:

Outside experts were named Monday to a special inquiry board that will examine the SWAT killing last month of a toddler during a standoff between her father and Los Angeles police.

Police Chief William Bratton and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said the members of the Board of Inquiry have been directed to review all phases of its Special Weapons and Tactics operations.

The names on the board are:

? Richard Aborn, an attorney who advises police departments in the United States and Europe.

? Merrick Bobb, who monitors the Sheriff’s Department as special counsel for Los Angeles County.

? William Geller, a specialist in use of deadly force who works with police departments to promote effective policing policies.

? Phil Hansen, a SWAT commander with the L.A. County
Sheriff’s Department.

? Gregory Longworth, a partner with a law firm that has represented New York City police officers.

? Pasadena Police Chief Bernard Melekian.

? Seattle Assistant Police Chief Linda Pierce.

? Eugene P. Ramirez, a lawyer who has defended SWAT teams in civil

We in the LA Sheriff’s Dept know all about Merrick Bobb. He leads a commission that studies our Department practices and gives recommendations to improve the department. So far he has succeeded in tieing our hands behind our back to the best of his ability and I’m sure he will do the same to the LAPD here.


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