MSM At It Again – Part VI


Another idiotic report from Asshat Propaganda about the constitution impasse, check this out:

Iraqi leaders failed to meet a key deadline Monday to finish a new constitution, stalling over the same fundamental issues of power-sharing ? including federalism, oil wealth and Islam’s impact on women ? that have bedeviled the country since Saddam Hussein’s ouster.

Ok, fair enough….stated the failure to meet the deadline, so far so good.

The delay was a strong rebuff of the Bush administration’s insistence that the deadline be met, even if some issues were unresolved, to maintain political momentum and blunt Iraq’s deadly insurgency.

“Strong rebuff”? Oh give me a break, it’s a freakin week delay. Obviously Bush would of liked that they met the deadline this is no strong rebuff. This is the Iraqi’s getting it right, instead of getting it done fast. Just a wee bit of bias there, but there is more to come.

The United States hopes progress on the political front, including adoption of a democratic constitution, will help deflate the Sunni Arab-led rebellion and enable the Americans and their partners to begin withdrawing troops next year.

Nevertheless, the last-minute decision to postpone the deadline raised serious questions about the ability of Iraq’s varied factions to make the necessary political compromises.

Now the terrorists are leading a rebellion and then the writers goes on with the doom and gloom, all is lost mentality.

How about this part a few paragraphs later:

As the session was about to start, electricity went out for about three minutes. When lights came back on, Khalilzad, al-Jaafari and others were surrounded by their bodyguards ? an indication of the persistent threat of violence in Iraq.

My favorite part. Yes, the whole country is in turmoil and the reason for this report isn’t the signing of the consititution but to tell us about the politicans having bodyguards….sigh. Do they report that 85% of that country is peaceful?

The impasse left open the possibility that Iraq ? a patchwork of Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis put together as a nation by the British after World War I ? could still tumble into a civil war.

Yup, more doom and gloom.

It also blunted the rapid progress toward democracy that Iraqis have accomplished so far, from the vote last Jan. 30 that installed the nation’s first elected government to the efforts to share power among the Shiite majority, the strong Kurdish group and the smaller, disgruntled Sunni Arab faction.

Blunted! Yes, a week’s delay has blunted the whole damn thing!

The writers? Qassim Abdul-Zahra, Sameer N. Yacoub and Omar Sinan. As you can tell their bias just seeps out of their reporting. All in all, another piece of trash from the Asshat Propaganda.


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