LAPD Shooting, Update VI


Surprise, surprise…the family of the dirtbag coward who got his little girl killed while holding her as a shield against the police is now asking the feds to come in:

Lawyers for the family of the toddler killed by police during a firefight with her father last month announced today they are seeking a federal probe into the child’s death

During a press conference outside LAPD headquarters, attorney Luis Carrillo said the Los Angeles Police Department has a conflict of interest when investigating the shooting of 19-month-old Suzie Marie Pe?a.

Suzie was hit by police bullets during the July 10 shootout with her father, Jose Raul Pe?a, who was also killed.

The department is “circling the wagons” to protect the careers of its officers, Carrillo said.

“That is their paramount objective,” he said. “The LAPD is incapable of investigating its own officers.”

Carrillo also objected to what he called Police Chief William J. Bratton’s attempts to discredit Suzie Pe?a’s family by calling them “dysfunctional.”

Carrillo said he sent a letter Sunday to the U.S. Department of Justice requesting an investigation. The LAPD had no comment on the family’s plans, said Sgt. Catherine Plows.

Their lawyers are doing their very best to keep this family in the news….lots of cash to be made.


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