The Air France Plane Crash


These people are happy to be alive I’m sure:

Witnesses said the plane had skidded off the runway after landing in a thunderstorm at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Passenger Olivier Dubos, speaking to CTV’s Tom Clark, described a landing that suddenly went wrong.

“Everything was perfect. We started our descent,” Dubos said. “Nobody was worried about anything, just a little bit of turbulence, which is the case for stormy weather. Then the plane, the minute before touching ground, the electricity, the lights, got cut off.”

Dubos said that passengers could feel the plane land, and then skid off the runway. When they stopped, they could see flames and smoke just outside their windows.

“At that point we thought we would all die,” Dubos said.

Other witnesses reported seeing bolts of lightning before the plane burst into flames. It’s unclear whether lightning had struck the plane.

According to passenger Ahmed Alatava, the weather during landing made everyone nervous.

When it first appeared the landing was a success, Alatava said, a short-lived sigh of relief swept through the plane.

“When we come to land in the airport, everybody is clapping to the captain…. but after that we felt bump, bump, bump … then through the window I saw fire.”

Eventually, the Toronto resident said, the crew opened an emergency exit and he joined others leaping out to safety.

It’s amazing that not one person died during this accident. But the real reason I’m blogging about this, since you know I usually delve into politic’s and so forth on this blog is that we just flew back from Canada on Saturday from a visit to my parents.

My wife is sooooooo scared of flying, during the flight back we hit one of those turbulence spots where the plane kinda jolts hard for a fraction of a second and my wife had her hand covering her mouth for 10 minutes….all to stop her from screaming. I have been on a plane with her during hard turbulence and let me tell you, it is not a picnic. Screaming and jumping galore.

So today I’m at work and guess who calls, yup…the wife. Telling me a plane crashed in Canada and just wanted me to know that if this had happened before we left to come home we would still be on the road, driving home.

Gotta find some pills to knock her the hell out during these trips…

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