Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee Back Together


2Slick is back from his honeymoon and has some great pictures of Pam Anderson back together again with Tommy Lee at the resort they stayed at, check them out. I know, who really cares but seeing Pam in a bikini is always a good thing. It’s good to see 2Slick posting again after his return from Iraq.

Might be light postings today, I am off of work but my desktop is crashing again. Last few weeks I’ve had quite a bit of trouble with it. At first I was getting a 1/2 second high pitched noise on boot up then it would freeze up. I reboot and it would be fine. After a few days it started a reboot cycle where just before booting windows completely it would reboot, could never get into windows.

Thankfully I had a image on my other drive with Ghost so I formatted the partition and put the image on, seemed to work fine for awhile. This morning I’m getting the dreaded blue screen of death saying Unmountable Boot Volume. I was able to boot with the XP disk into the recovery mode, do a chkdsk /r, then went into bios and set Fail Safe Default mode. That seemed to work for now. I think it might be the partitions doing this so I’m backing up with Ghost and then I think I will delete the partitions on that drive (I have 2 hard drives in there), format and restore the back up….argh!

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CURT: hi; I wish I could understand all of your post; but I know one thing;
IT sound very SMART. bye