Al “Race Baiter” Sharpton


Al Sharpton, the King Poo-Bah of Ineptitude, was out in the streets yesterday telling the local idiots to remain calm regarding the shooting death of Jose Pena and his daughter Suzie Marie.

The Rev. Al Sharpton called on angry residents to have patience while authorities investigate the death of a 19-month-old toddler killed by police during a shootout with her father.

Addressing a South Los Angeles church congregation that included the girl’s mother and sister, Sharpton said Sunday that some local activists had agreed to suspend protests until the Police Department finished its probe.

“There cannot be a knee-jerk reaction when we will always say the police is right,” he said. “There cannot also be a reaction, knee-jerk in the community, saying they’re always wrong.”

Sharpton spoke a day after the funeral of Suzie Pena, whose father, Jose Pena, 34, also was killed by police when a SWAT team raided his business following a 2 1/2-hour standoff that left one officer wounded.

Activists have staged nightly demonstrations since the July 10 shooting, heckling police and waving signs calling officers involved in the shooting “baby killers.”

Sharpton, however, said the incident differed from what he says are previous examples of police misconduct. He said the latest case wasn’t similar to the 1991 beating of black motorist Rodney King because it was unclear who was at fault.

“I take a different posture this time,” he said. “We must fight for justice and I think, if we have confidence, the mayor will stand and make sure that will happen.”

You can always count on Al “Race Baiter” Sharpton to get himself on TV. His whole career has centered around fueling animosity until it boils over into murderous rage. But here he urges calm. I can only surmise he urges this calm because the child was Hispanic, not black. This racist would have been marching the streets if that had been the case. But what I find amazing is that people still listen to this guy. Why shouldn’t they you ask?

Because Al Sharpton is nothing but a race-baiter, one who once referred to Jews as “diamond merchants” and calling whites who wish to move into Harlem “interlopers”. He accused a former NY District Attorney, Steven Pagones, of raping Tawana Brawley. When the case went before the Grand Jury they determined she had lied. In the civil case brought against Al “Race Baiter” Sharpton he was ordered to pay $345,000 to Mr. Pagones, which he refused to pay. It took two years for Mr. Pagones to get the money from Al’s friends, of all people, since Al had transferred all his assets into his wife’s name. He still refuses to apologize.

When a child was killed in a car accident in 1991 by a Jew, good ole race baiter Al was there to throw gas on the fire. At the child’s funeral he yelled and screamed about “diamond merchants”. He led a march through the neighborhood with some of those participating holding up signs that said “the white man is the devil”. Following this march you can guess what happened….riots, for four days. During which Yankel Rosenbaum, a Hasidic Jew, was surrounded by a mob yelling “kill the Jew!” and was stabbed to death.

In 1995, a Jewish storeowner raised the rent of a tenent in the mall. Al “Race Baiter” Sharpton to the rescue…he accused the storeowner of raising the rent to drive out blacks and said “we will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.” Three months later, after another demonstration, an armed black man walked into the storeowner’s store “Freddy’s Fashion Mart” yelling “It’s on now! All blacks out!”. He set fire to the building killing 7 people including himself. Of course Al doesn’t believe he did anything wrong there either.

Why the media and the black community still put this idiot up on a pedestal is beyond me…I will never figure that out.

I understand why the family of Jose Pena want him around, they believe with him involved there will be even more money to be made. Knowing the politic’s in this city they may well be right.


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