Al-Jazeera Blames U.S. For Bombing Of Children


How many of you are not surprised that Al-Jazeera is now blaming the United States Military for the recent blast that killed all those kids.

Iraqi experts are saying that the recent car bomb that killed some 18 children was not the work of the anti-occupation fighters but of the U.S. occupation troops.

A traffic lieutenant who asked not to be identified said to a media source that U.S. solders crazily raced out of the street less than a minute before the explosion and that after the blast they did not return to the bomb scene but continued to hurry out of the area

Kinda funny how their sources do not want to be named….Couldn’t be some American hating Iraqis saying this could it? Nah, never. I mean it has to be the US since they could gain so much from killing a bunch of kids with a car bomb couldn’t they? WTF!

Gotta agree with Ace’s sentiment here:

Although I try to distinguish between Islamicists and civilized Muslims, the fact that a popular Muslim broadcasting network reports this sort of paranoid, “it’s always someone else’s fault” lunacy makes it hard.

Check out Say Anything for more.

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