Disc Jockeys Discuss Ways To Disarm Police


This kind of stuff always keeps me on my toes.

ST. LOUIS- Two hip-hop radio personalities have been suspended for an on-air discussion of ways to fight police officers – comments made not long after an officer was slain.

Officials at KATZ-FM would not detail the comments, but said the remarks made on Wednesday related to ways to hurt or disarm police officers.

The two suspended disc jockeys, whose professional names are DJ Kaos and DJ Sylli Asz, were discussing with callers on their morning show how to fight for an officer’s radio so he or she cannot call for help, the station said.

Lee Clear, general manager of the station, apologized for the comments, calling them “entirely inappropriate.”

The radio personalities, whose real names were not immediately available, also apologized.

Clear noted that the stations owner, Clear Channel Communications, had just used its stations to ask the public for information to help find the killer of Sgt. William McEntee, who was fatally shot July 5 in the St. Louis suburb of Kirkwood. A suspect has been arrested.

“We just buried an officer last week,” St. Louis Police Chief Joe Mokwa said. “Nobody wants to hear some comic remark about disarming a police officer and taking their radio away so they can’t get help. That was outrageous.”

Somehow I don’t think you would have this kind of talk on a country station, a classic rock station, even an alternative rock station. But to have it discussed on a rap station doesn’t surprise me. Quite a bit of their music is geared toward assaulting law enforcement so this kind of thing doesn’t surprise me at all, still pisses me off tho.

The two jockeys pictured below:

Will apparently be suspended for 2 days. Big punishment there, especially in light of the fact that a Police Officer from their city was ambushed and killed last week:

Sgt. William McEntee, who had been with the Kirkwood Police Department since 1981, died of his injuries late Tuesday night at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center in Creve Coeur, said Kirkwood Police Chief Jack Plummer. He was shot several times.

A boy also was injured during the shooting and treated at an area hospital, Plummer said. His condition was not released.

The shooting marked the first time a Kirkwood police officer has been shot and killed in the department’s history.

McEntee was responding to a fireworks disturbance about 7:30 p.m. when the shooting took place.

Plummer said a man approached McEntee, made some “bizarre statements” and shot him several times.

“He was responding to a call that had absolutely nothing to do with the
shooting,” he said. “Our man was ambushed.”

The gunman struck by surprise Tuesday evening, firing into McEntee’s stopped patrol car and then following on foot as the car careened on for a block. After the marked police car rammed a tree, the attacker walked up and fired more shots into McEntee, and took the sergeant’s pistol before disappearing into the neighborhood.

A 13-year-old boy who had been talking to McEntee when the shooting started was wounded in the leg. He was in stable condition at a hospital Wednesday.

The suspect was quickly identified:

St. Louis County police, in charge of the investigation, asked the public’s help in finding Kevin J. Johnson, 19, who they said fired the shots. Officials did not say how they identified Johnson, although he is reported to be well-known in the neighborhood and might have stayed with family near the scene. Johnson was reported to be wanted for violating probation in a domestic assault case but has not been charged in the killing.

Then arrested on July 8th:

Kevin Johnson, the suspect sought in the shooting death of a Kirkwood police sergeant, was arrested without incident in north St. Louis County on Friday afternoon, police said.

Johnson, 19, was the subject of an intense manhunt after Tuesday’s shooting of police Sgt. William McEntee. McEntee was responding to a call in Kirkwood’s Meacham Park neighborhood just before 8 p.m. when he was shot several times.

Johnson surrendered at the Ventura Village Apartments on Jacobi Drive and Nemnich Road, police said.

He was apparently upset because he felt the police didn’t do enough to save his brother:

Paramedics arrived four minutes after police called for help when a murder suspect?s 12-year-old brother collapsed at his family?s home, according to documents released Tuesday by Kirkwood police.

The documents contradict earlier reports from family members of Joseph “?Bam Bam”? Long, who said nearly 20 minutes elapsed before firefighters and paramedics arrived and attempted to resuscitate the boy.

Family members had told reporters that Kevin Johnson, who is accused of shooting Kirkwood police Sgt. William McEntee to death, was angry that officers did not do more to save his brother.

Family members, however, told reporters that McEntee was among the officers who responded to their cries for help and that the officers searched the house for Johnson, who was wanted for a probation violation, while paramedics were en route. Scanga has said that McEntee arrived at the scene with fire and EMS officials.

Kirkwood fire and EMS officials did not return repeated calls seeking comment.

Johnson was not at the home where Joseph collapsed, family members said, adding that he was next door hiding from police. Johnson became enraged later after he learned of Joseph??s death, they said.

Authorities say Johnson approached McEntee as the officer sat in his patrol car in the 300 block of Alsobrook Street talking to children about fireworks about 7:30 that night. They said Johnson fired several shots into the car, striking McEntee and a 13-year-old talking to the officer through the driver?s-side window. The 13-year-old?s injuries were not life-threatening.

McEntee?s car then drove forward and crashed into a tree several homes away. Police said that Johnson followed the car and shot McEntee several more times as onlookers tried to help McEntee from the car.

So there you have it, a cold blooded murder of a police officer by this piece of shit and what do these two knuckleheads talk about on the local radio? How to fight and disarm the police. For this they get a couple days suspension. Why do they still have their jobs?

Contact the station and Clear Channel, let them know how you feel about these two:

Toll Free: 1-800-541-0036

General Manager 100.3 FM Lee Clear : leeclear@clearchannel.com
Clear Channel Chairman of the Board Lowry Mays: LLowryMays@clearchannel.com

Corporate by mail:

Clear Channel
200 East Basse Road
San Antonio, TX 78209

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Go here if you would like to learn a bit more about Sgt. William McEntee.

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