The Connection – Part VII


Marc from USS Neverdock has gotten a hold of a old audio tape from ABC news report made in 1999 that details Osama Bin Laden’s contacts with Saddam Hussein.

Go here to listen to it with some commentary from The War Room with Quinn & Rose. For those wishing to read it I have transcribed the ABC news portion of the audio:

ABC – In Germany, Mamdouh Salim, alleged to be a key military advisor and believed to be privy to Bin Laden’s most secret projects is also apprehended. The US Government alleges he was under secret orders to procure enriched uranium for the purpose of developing a nuclear weapon. These are allegations that Bin Laden does not now deny.Bin Laden (translated) – “It would be a sin for Muslim’s not to try to possess the weapons that would prevent the infidels from inflicting harm on Muslim’s. But how we could use these weapons if we possess them is up to us.”

ABC – With an American price on his head there weren’t many places Bin Laden could go unless he teamed up with another international pariah. One also with an interest in weapons of mass destruction.

Unknown Speaker – Osama believes in ah, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and is someone I should cooperate with. That’s certainly the current case with Iraq.

ABC – Saddam Hussein has a long history of harboring terrorists. Carlos The Jackel, Abu Nidal, Abu Abbas, the most notorious terrorists of their era all found shelter and support at one time in Baghdad.

ABC – Intelligence sources say Bin Laden’s long relationship with the Iraqi’s began as he helped Sudan’s fundamentalist government in their efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Three weeks after the bombing, on August 31st, Bin Laden reaches out to his friends in Iraq and Sudan.

ABC – Iraq’s Vice President (unable to transcribe, couldn’t understand it) to show his support for the Sudanese after the US attack. ABC News has learned that during these meetings, senior Sudanese officials acting on behalf of Bin Laden ask if Saddam Hussein would grant him asylum.

ABC – Iraq was indeed interested. ABC News has learned that in December Iraq Intelligence Chief named Faruq Hijazi, now Iraq’s ambassador to Turkey, made a secret trip to Afghanistan to meet with Bin Laden.

ABC – Three Intelligence Agencies tell ABC News that they cannot be certain what was discussed but almost certainly they say Bin Laden has been told that he would be welcomed in Baghdad. And Intelligence sources say they can only speculate on the purpose of an alliance. What could Bin Laden offer Saddam Hussein?

ABC – Only days after he meets Iraqi officials, Bin Laden tells ABC News that his network is wide and there are people prepared to commit terror in his name who he does not even control.

Bin Laden (translated) – It is our job to incite and to instigate, by the grace of god we did that and certain people responded to this instigation.

Marc makes some great points. Before Bush was elected this kind of thing, Saddam’s connection to terrorists and Bin Laden, was reported ALL the time. After he was elected, zip, nada, zero…..nothing!


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