Cowardly Italians


Well, you may remember my 13 part series on the Italian Idiots (see below). It appears I need to start another series called the Cowardly Italians because of this news:

Italy plans to begin withdrawing some of its troops from Iraq in September, Premier Silvio Berlusconi said Friday.

Berlusconi, who was a strong supporter of President Bush on Iraq, sent 3,000 troops to the country after the ouster of Saddam Hussein to help rebuild the country. He had previously indicated he hoped a pullout could begin in September.

“We will begin withdrawing 300 men in the month of September,” Berlusconi said at the G-8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. But he added that the decision was not final and would depend on the security conditions on the ground.

The above is from the earliest report I found on his statements at 0904hrs PST. It seems that six hours before this report (0308hrs PST) there was reports of this warning to Italy from Al-Qaeda:

DUBAI, July 8 (Reuters) – A group claiming links to al Qaeda threatened to attack Rome to punish Italy for supporting the United States, and praised the bomb blasts in London, a Web statement said on Friday.

“We warn Rome, the capital of infidels, that the lions of Jihad in Europe are ready to launch strong strikes against the collaborating government with the crusaders, the Americans, the enemies of God, the Prophet and Muslims,” it said.

The statement, issued in the name of the little known organization of al Qaeda – Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula, did not appear on main Web sites used by Islamist militants loyal to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

While I don’t think that Italy is leaving because of the above warning, the PM has been saying that he will start withdrawing troops for some time, BUT….the timing of his statement, so soon after the London attacks AND this warning gives Al-Qaeda another win in the win column. How pathetic or stupid can these Italians be?

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