The Left’s Twilight Zone


This is amazing. Senator Harry Reid now says Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is a good choice for the Supreme Court but wasn’t it so long ago that Reid said the following about Gonzales:

The Attorney General is the people’s lawyer, not the President’s lawyer. He is charged with upholding the Constitution and the rule of law. The Attorney General must be independent, and he must be clear that abuses by our Government will not be tolerated. Judge Gonzales’s appearance before the Judiciary Committee raised serious questions about his ability to be that force in the Justice Department. That is why I am going to vote against him.

But now he says this:

LAS VEGAS – Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid on Wednesday pronounced Attorney General Alberto Gonzales qualified to sit on the Supreme Court but added, “I don’t know if he’d have an easy way through” Senate confirmation.

“Alberto Gonzales is qualified. He’s attorney general of the United States and a former Texas judge,” Reid said. “But having said that he’s qualified, I don’t know if he’d have an easy way through.”

He called Gonzales unqualified for Attorney General, voted against him but now believes he is qualified for the Supreme Court!

Hopefully this means that Gonzales is done….When Reid is calling for him then there should be no way the Republicans nominate him. (Crosses fingers).

Ace Of Trump makes some good observations on this.

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