O’Conner Resigning


Since most everyone in the blogosphere world has blogged on the news that Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Conner has retired I guess I should add my two cents.

She stinks to high heaven. A huge disappointment along with Souter, two justices that were thought to be conservative who then turned out to be liberals. Good riddence and now Bush gets to put two justices up on the court since Rhenquist should be following her lead soon. Now that makes me smile.

Out of the names being dropped so far is Emilio Garza. I have to agree with the Captain and think he would be the best overall pick to get confirmed. The NOW crowd and the liberals would be hard pressed to disagree with the first hispanic Justice and he is a real conservative unlike Gonzales. I’m sure they will fight anyways but it wont be so easy for them to put the boxing gloves on with Emilio.

But….and its a big but…..we have found out recently that our Republican leadership are a bunch of pussies so I’m kinda nervous about Bill “no balls” Frist leading the fight.

One choice that better not be put up for a vote is Gonzales. Freddie at Southern Appeal put it quite well:

The president needs to know that it is time for him to turn the loyalty switch off in this instance, and publicly or privately reassure conservatives that a Gonzales nomination isn’t going to happen.

Let me be blunt. If President Bush nominates Alberto Gonzales to fill O’Connor’s seat or any other vacancy that may arise during his second term, then I am done with him. He’ll be dead to me. And if Gonzales is confirmed, I am not giving the Republican party another dime. It’s time to start walking the talk, boys. Either y’all deliver on Bush’s promise to appoint justices like Scalia and Thomas, or I and others will make you pay for it dearly come election time. And you won’t be able to bring me back into the fold with a “Well, things will be worse if the dems return to power” argument, because at that point I would just as soon wreck the ship and start from scratch.

I have given Bush a pass on the immigration issue even tho he is just so wrong on that one. But this is way to important to not put some pressure on him. Gonzales would be another Souter, guaranteed….

Another thing….the Zarqawicrats believe Bush should fill this spot with a moderate and wait for Rhenquist to retire for a conservative. Bullshit. These idiots believe that when they are in power they can do what the hell they want to do but when we have the power that we should appease. Wont happen, Bush is a fighter thank god.

My hopes are that Gonzales is not the nominee and that either Garza or Luttig are the nominees. We will see how it pans out.

I will end with this bit from Wizbang which predicts the future Asshat Propagnda (AP) story:

When Sandra Day O’Connor stepped down from the Supreme Court, President Bush had an opportunity to prove that he really is a uniter, rather than a divider. He could have consulted with senators from both parties and nominated a judge who values those freedoms that Americans hold dear.

But President Bush failed to do so. Instead, he has chosen one of the most divisive nominees available, one who has received the lowest ranking ever from [Group to be determined later]. President Bush’s nominee favors Republican special interests, rather than individual freedom. The nominee is also an incredibly divisive figure, as can be seen in any number of the opinions he has written over his checkered judicial history.

Democratic senators are incredibly disappointed that President Bush has politicized the judicial process and chosen such a divisive nominee to replace Sandra Day O’Connor. These sorts of extremist judges should not be allowed in the judiciary at all … and certainly not on the highest court in the land.

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