Asshat International – Part VI


This is one that many of us completely missed:

A different omission marred the reporting of Amnesty International’s report charging torture in U.S. detainment camps. The group didn’t just call Guantanamo a “gulag,” an over-the-top remark that was universally reported. In a press release that most reporters ignored, the group also invited foreign governments to snatch certain visiting American officials off the streets and bring them to trial for crimes against humanity. The suggested snatchees, should they travel abroad, were President Bush, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, former CIA Director George Tenet, and other unnamed civilian and military officials. Amnesty International said that “all states have a responsibility to investigate and prosecute people responsible for these crimes,” just as the British pounced on Augusto Pinochet in London in 1998. The snatching recommendation wasn’t new, but the Amnesty press release is a useful reminder of the dangers of signing on to the International Criminal Court.

Have these idiots made the same demands to kidnap Castro, Kim Jong-Il, Robert Mugabe, Bashar Assad? Nope….

This to me is even bigger then the gulag dustup since they are now advocating acts of war against our country. Our freely elected leaders have a duty to represent the United States abroad. AI is now telling governments to violate centuries of diplomatic courtesies such as diplomatic immunity by imprisoning our leaders, which would be an act of war plain and simple.

Do they not realize what would happen to a country that tried this? Every country on the planet knows what we would do to them so this rhetoric is just completely laughable.

The Captain responds:

I think those who fund AI and align themselves politically with Schulz and its other leaders should be pressed to answer whether they support Schulz’ call for the kidnapping of American officials traveling abroad. It’s a simple question and demands a straightforward answer. Those who refuse to disavow themselves of their association or support of Amnesty International on this basis will reveal themselves as radicals who will sacrifice American interests for momentary global approbation.

Here is the text to AI statement advocating this idiocy. Do people really believe they are still not biased against the US?

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