Preemptive Strike Against N. Korea


Holy christ, you have got to be kidding me. A Frenchman is actually suggesting that the world community should consider a preemptive, actually even broader…a preventive attack against N. Korea.

What is his basis?

“right to interfere in favor of a people threatened with death”

But doesn’t he realize that this is against so-called “international” law?

I mean, he sounds just like the eeeeviiilllllll Bush.

If we add that the North Korean bomb is also a disaster for its own people, crushed by an army that saps the resources of a nation already bled dry after years of Stalinist communist rule, we might consider ignoring Pyongyang?s national sovereignty, sovereignty invoked by a totalitarian regime that is dangerous, tight-fisted and a suppressor of liberty. Evoking the right to interfere in favor of a people threatened with death, we approve anything that would interrupt the completion of a North Korean nuclear weapon, including a targeted strike on its [nuclear] production sites if Pyongyang proceeds to carry out a test. Fortunately, Kim Jong-il is aware of this ?solution,? which is one envisioned by the Pentagon. That is why there is reason to hope that the recent satellite detection of nuclear activity was more of a bluff than the preparation for an actual test.

I’m telling ya, fiction couldn’t be any stranger then real life. (h/t American Future)

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