Second Guessing


Joseph Farah writes an excellent article about the US psyche:

Americans love to second-guess themselves.

It has become a national sport since Vietnam.

But it is dangerous business when we have so many Monday-morning quarterbacks in wartime.

Two years after our dramatically successful invasion of Iraq, leading to the liberation of 26 million Arabs and Kurds, the second-guessing is at all time highs.

They ask:

Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

Where are the connections between the regime of Saddam Hussein and the al-Qaida terrorists who attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001?

Where was the threat Iraq posed to America?

May I remind the second-guessers that no one knew for certain whether Iraq could produce nuclear weapons when we invaded two years ago. However, there was widespread agreement that Iraq would be in a position to do so shortly ? certainly by now. Had we not invaded Iraq two years ago, we might be faced with doing so today against an Iraq armed with nuclear weapons ? or almost certainly against an Iraq that would be in a position to obtain nuclear weapons and place them in the hands of the terrorists groups they had supported for so long, including al-Qaida.

That was the threat we faced in Iraq two years ago. And that’s why invasion was the right call to make. Have we done everything right as a nation since? No. Have we made mistakes along the way? Yes. Do we continue to make errors in the execution of our war policies and the making of the peace? Yes.

But where would we be as a nation had we backed down and permitted Saddam Hussein to remain in power?

There is no question the world would be a more dangerous place.

And that brings us to the crisis we face with Iran today.

Now the second-guessers are suggesting that history is repeating itself ? that warmongers in the United States are making a case against Iran based on the same arguments they used with respect to Iraq.

This second-guessing appeasement mentality is having an effect on the national psyche.

Here is the truth about Iran:

It is committed to producing nuclear weapons.

It is already reprocessing nuclear material it can use for that purpose.

It is a terrorist-sponsoring state that may already possess some small nuclear arsenal.

It has advanced missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons and of hitting Israel and other Middle East neighbors.

It is fully cooperating with rogue nuclear state North Korea.

It has already attacked the United States through its proxy army, the terrorist militia Hezbollah.

It is capable of attacking the United States with nuclear missiles from offshore in ships disguised as commercial vessels.

It is actively conducting discussions with the anti-American Hugo Chavez regime in Venezuela about nuclear cooperation with that Latin American nation.

The second-guessers tell us there is no threat to the United States posed by Iran.

I don’t know how anyone could reasonably come to such a conclusion.

There is an imminent threat.

Second-guessing appeasers of this tyrannical regime will only place our country in graver danger in the future. They always do.

Don’t listen to those who are still debating as to whether or not we were right to fight Adolph Hitler and imperial Japan.

Don’t listen to those who are still wringing their hands about Vietnam ? those who brought shame on our country and a predictable holocaust to Southeast Asia.

Don’t listen to those who look at victory in Iraq and see defeat.

Remember Sept. 11.

Defend America.

Defeat the terrorists.

Destroy Islamo-fascism.

Free Iran.

My advise, don’t listen to appeasers. They will always let danger approach our shores, they will always let destruction hit our nation. We must be on the offensive in any war and this war is no differn’t. (h/t Regime Change Iran)