And some were pissed about a book being thrown into a toilet:

Translated: (h/t LGF)

The red text at the left just above the ?Newsweek? logo says:

?America forsaken.?

The big white and yellow text says:

?The Day America Died ? The ideal of ?freedom? falls to the ground due to Bush continuing in office.?

In their hatred of Bush the fools over at Newsweek first published a story where they critized the abuse of sacred symbols but then they print a picture where they abuse a very sacred symbol to our country and its a-ok.

The editor of Newsweek International is Fareed Zakaria who wrote a book called The Future Of Freedom:Illiberal Democracy At Home And Abroad. The synopsis of the book tells volumes about how this cover was ok’d:

Democracy is not inherently good, Zakaria (From Wealth to Power) tells us in his thought-provoking and timely second book. It works in some situations and not others, and needs strong limits to function properly. The editor of Newsweek International and former managing editor of Foreign Affairs takes us on a tour of democracy’s deficiencies, beginning with the reminder that in 1933 Germans elected the Nazis. While most Western governments are both democratic and liberal-i.e., characterized by the rule of law, a separation of powers, and the protection of basic rights-the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Zakaria praises countries like Singapore, Chile and Mexico for liberalizing their economies first and then their political systems, and compares them to other Third World countries “that proclaimed themselves democracies immediately after their independence, while they were poor and unstable, [but] became dictatorships within a decade.” But Zakaria contends that something has also gone wrong with democracy in America, which has descended into “a simple-minded populism that values popularity and openness.” The solution, Zakaria says, is more appointed bodies, like the World Trade Organization and the U.S. Supreme Court, which are effective precisely because they are insulated from political pressures. Zakaria provides a much-needed intellectual framework for many current foreign policy dilemmas, arguing that the United States should support a liberalizing dictator like Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf, be wary of an elected “thug” like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and take care to remake Afghanistan and Iraq into societies that are not merely democratic but free.

Yup, he’s a moonbat and running the show.

On another note but still on topic, Redhunter (via Michelle Malkin) has some examples of MSM reporting that is timely:

She then (on her regular blog) provides links to some of the other media misrepresentations. Remember these?

We heard that the military stood by while thousands of priceless Iraqi artifacts were stolen from museums. Then, oops, it wasn’t really that way.

They tried to tell us that there was this big problem with desertions. But the photo that they used wasn’t of any deserters.

Eight days before our presidential election they tried to tell us the we let insurgent terrorists loot a big cache of explosives because dumb ‘ol Rumsfeld didn’t send enough troops to invade Iraq. It wasn’t true, of course. But hey, the timing was coincence, right?

Most don’t even have the decency to call the bastards what they are; TERRORISTS.

Some are even more creative, they lie outright and fabricate stories about how we are targeting journalists.

Another big-name newspaper was so eager to smear the military that it fell for fake gang-rape photos.

And don’t even make me bring up that windbag from CBS.

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