Another Retraction


Well isn’t this surprising:

A May 18 article incorrectly stated that former Army translator Erik Saar said in previous media interviews that guards at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, routinely tossed Korans on the ground. Saar has said there were “chronic problems” with the way military guards handled the Koran and failures to follow military procedures for respectfully handling the Muslim holy book when guards inspected cells, but he did not say that guards routinely tossed copies of the book.

Who issued the retraction? Why the Washington Post of course.

How could anyone but the most biased come to any other conclusion that this is deliberate? Don’t they teach research and fact checking at journalism school? Of course they do and this is just more proof that these stories are a deliberate attempt to make the Bush administration look bad, plain and simple.

Check out Mudville Gazette and LGF for more.

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