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Thanks to AnkleBiting Pundits for bringing this idiot to my attention. Altho I heard her name in passing I never paid to much attention to her. Wow, what a complete friggin idiot. I am not smart enough to dissect her as well Bulldog so I will paste most of his comments toward her with a few of my own comments:

OK, that’s it. No more Mr. Nice Guy. I’ve had it, absolutely had it with “Jersey Girl” Kristin Breitweiser, the professional widow that took it upon herself to claim to speak for all the “9/11 families” during the 9/11 Commission hearings. She’s built a cottage industry passing herself off as someone knowledgeable regarding national security and keeping us safe.

In reality she’s an ignorant, Bush-hating, media-whore. And although she’s managed to win the heart of sissy-boy Chrissy “I Squat To Pee” Matthews, she can’t fool us.

What’s got me so riled up about this dumb broad is that she just opened her big mouth to give her “insight” on the Newsweek debacle, in which she slams our military and the President (Her rant is entitled “Flush Bush”). But don’t worry, keep on reading and we’ll expose this dolt for the twit she is. You don’t want to miss this one folks – it’s a doozy.

Ok, let’s expose her idiocy for all to see.

How do we have an Administration lecturing Newsweek about “journalistic standards”–the failure to get on the record confirmation before printing a story — when we went to war in Iraq on similar sloppy standards. Anybody remember Curveball? Or have we all forgotten the Senate Intelligence Report on WMD that discusses how our entire Intelligence Community and President Bush were duped by one bad allegedly “crazy” source who provided “dead wrong” intelligence?

OK, first of all Kristin, it’s not as if “Curveball” was the only source on WMD’s. Ever hear of the Clinton Administration, England, France, Russia and the UN? Likely not, since you’ve admitted that for most of your life you would “skip over” many parts of the newspaper. Well let us fill you in on something – each of those entities and countries came to the same conclusion that we did – that Saddam had WMD’s.

And for your information Kristin, perhaps you should take time to read the Congressional Resolution authorizing the Iraq war, which listed 7 (you have to use 2 hands to figure out how many that is) reasons other than WMD’s to justify the war.

But let’s continue to fisk this know-nothing.

Anybody who has looked into some of the allegations floating around about the torture and homicides being carried out by our interrogators must realize that it is a possibility that something like flushing a Koran down a toilet could happen. What do you expect when you have interrogators basically given carte blanche to do whatever they want to detainees.

We all recall Alberto Gonzales commenting that the Geneva Convention was quaint, right? Or did he say it was cute? Doesn’t matter. You get the point.

But, instead of immediately stopping these abuses, investigating them and coming up with clear instructions for our interrogators to stop them from re-occurring, what does this Administration do?


Oh OK, Kristin, so it doesn’t matter a lick that the Newsweek story was retracted does it? I guess the truth of the allegation isn’t important to you, so long as you can use the allegation to further your anti-Bush rhetoric. You know, like the kind you showed when you cut a campaign ad for John Kerry because you “didn’t feel safe living in this country.

So obviously to you, the fact that it sounded true was enough to make you angry enough to write the piece. And please genius, back up your claim that interrogators are given “carte blanche” to “do whatever they want to detainees”.

Let me ask you something else as well. Do you know how many interrogators are in our armed forces and are handling these interviews? How many of them stand accused of acting improperly? Just a few as far as I can tell. But I guess those very few who stand accused (not convicted) allow you to ignorantly paint them all as serial lawbreakers, right?

Oh, but there’s more, much more.

Now, 17 people are dead in riots stirred up by Islamic extremists for their own ends. And what does our Administration do? Hold hearings? Demand an independent investigation? Nope. Our Administration blames Newsweek for reporting the story and not getting a source to confirm the allegation on the record.

Here is a thought. What if the Administration had thoroughly investigated and cleared up the human rights abuses being committed by interrogators when they first learned of it so that (gasp) there was no story left for Mike Isikoff to write about?

Hey ignoramus – which part of “retracted” don’t you understand? Are we to hold hearings on a false story? And another “independent investigation”? Are you freaking serious? And there were no abuses like Isikoff wrote about. Good God, this woman is blindingly stupid.

Of course, there’s more.

We have major human rights abuses being carried out by our military and intelligence officers. Such human rights abuses are on their face morally reprehensible and wrong. Moreover, in the long run they put this nation at huge risk. Why? Because every person that is wrongfully held, tortured, and then wantonly released by us, immediately returns to their homeland, tells their story and becomes the poster child for why everybody should hate the Americans.

Yeah Kristin, that’s it. America is the problem. We are the ones that are to blame and our military is filled with “major human rights abusers”. Again, how many soldiers out of over a million have been charged with abuses? Maybe .0000001%. Who by the way, are being prosecuted.

Perhaps you should check in to the human rights abuses of al-Queda. You know, like the ones that murdered your husband? But why do that when you can slam our military and the Bush administration. Perhaps you’re doing it to further a future political career? Not a bad idea, as you’d fit in with rest of the brainless politicians who think America is what’s wrong with the world.

There is much more where that came from. It is just completely amazing that instead of her anger being directed at those who actually killed her husband she is instead choosing to side with those who killed her husband. To think this bad about our military, about those who risk their lives day after day protecting our country is completely baffling. The same military that sent the Taliban packing and has Al-Qaeda in a weakened state. But I guess she is thinking about politic’s and wishes to be on the losing side. More power to her demise.

What is quite curious is that she doesn’t want Isikoff to get in trouble for publishing lies, but she wants Bush to be punished for believing wrong information….information that the WHOLE friggin world believed. So in her analysis, those who believed Newsweek’s story should be punished?

I think my head is spinning.

I’ll end with an excellent post by Cassandra about a year ago toward this idiot:

“Three thousand people were murdered on George Bush’s watch.” — Kristin Breitweiser

I stood in my kitchen this weekend and listened to one of these bimbos, dubbed the “Jersey Girls” on the Ken and Mike Show on my radio. She was rambling on about the 9/11 commission hearings. About how she was so “impressed” by Richard Clarke of all people, and his ridiculously offensive apology to the families of the September 11th attack. Richard Clarke is an asshat of colossal proportions. The only reason Clarke apologized is that he was an impotent policy wonk who cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, ever be held accountable for what happened on September 11th. His phony apology cost him nothing: it made him look noble without the slightest possibility of the bill ever coming due.

As I listened, I could feel my blood pressure rising – it was this incredibly surreal feeling… like being in an insane asylum listening to people who make absolutely no fricking sense, but you know if you open your mouth to explain Life to them, they won’t listen because they don’t live in the same Universe you live in.

I am sick and tired of pushy 9/11 families. I am disgusted by their greed – by the grasping at reward money – as if that can possibly compensate them for the loss of a loved one. By that obnoxious woman who is getting insurance money, yet has the nerve to complain that her benefits are being decreased by the amount of the insurance award. By the families who want to sue the Port Authority. By the idiots who think because they lost a family member, they are now somehow owed a seat on the next Oversight Committee on National Security Issues. By the widows who are “demanding answers”.

“We simply wanted to know,” Ms. Breitweiser said, by way of explaining the group’s position, “why our husbands were killed. Why they went to work one day and didn’t come back.”

(sob!) The pathos is almost overwhelming… I think I need a drink.

Honey, we need to talk. Let me explain life to you. There are “Bad People” in the world. We call them criminals – sometimes even terrorists. They exist everywhere, in every country, all over the world. And sometimes, the “Bad People” hurt the “Good People”, like your husband.

Your husband could have been walking down an alley, and a “Bad Person” could have tried to rob him and take his wallet. He could have been killed. Would you have tried to sue the police for not preventing him from being robbed?

The Wall Street Journal nails it cold:

Who, listening to them, would not be struck by the fact that all their fury and accusation is aimed not at the killers who snuffed out their husbands’ and so many other lives, but at the American president, his administration, and an ever wider assortment of targets including the Air Force, the Port Authority, the City of New York? In the public pronouncements of the Jersey Girls we find, indeed, hardly a jot of accusatory rage at the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. We have, on the other hand, more than a few declarations like that of Ms. Breitweiser, announcing that “President Bush and his workers . . . were the individuals that failed my husband and the 3,000 people that day.”

Before you write me off as a cold-blooded harpy, let me pull on your heart-strings just a little bit, Jersey Girl-style. My husband was in the Pentagon on September 11th. So it’s not too hard for me to imagine what these women are going through. It’s even easier for me to imagine because I’ve sat with the widows of men killed over in Iraq – men who were killed trying to stop terrorists from ever doing that kind of thing on American soil again. But those widows won’t be getting any big financial windfalls from the federal government – they may get SGLI, if their husbands signed up for it. They won’t be invited onto any talk shows. And you certainly won’t hear many of them criticize the Bush adminstration because, by and large, most of them understand what needs to be done and how difficult a fight this is. They – not the Jersey Girls – have made the ultimate sacrifice. But you won’t hear them whining.

I wasn’t angry with the adminstration on September 11th, or at any time thereafter, even though my husband’s office was only a few hundred yards from where that plane hit the Pentagon. I understand that we were living in a different world then. I’m happy that we’re taking terrorism more seriously now – we need to. September 11th was a wakeup call for America. But we don’t need to let it run our lives – there is a balance between freedom and security. We can never be completely secure – never – no matter how hard we try. We don’t want to live in that kind of world. We can take sensible steps to make ourselves safer, and I believe we are doing that.

For the Jersey Girls, I have a message: Get over it: you will never know why your husbands died on that day. Some things in life are tragic. You just have to accept them and move on. And while you’re at it, why not do something for your children? A lot of people have died since September 11th trying to make a safer world for your kids. The military, police, firefighters…they all have given their lives trying to make the world a better place. Why not take some of that pent-up emotion and do something constructive to help their families?


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