Base Closures


I love the first two paragraphs of this blog:

Ahhh, the dark under-belly of American politics is once again exposed. The posturing, the anti-military bias, the ?give peace a chance? mantras, the ?bring our troops home? posters, the ?no blood for oil? bumper stickers, the search for the peace dividend so we can stop supporting war and start supporting lazy, ignorant, pregnant welfare-queens. All of that gets put by the wayside when BRAC comes to town.

Suddenly it is revealed, that everyone wants peace and no one wants war, however, everyone wants to have a military base in their backyard so they can have jobs, barbershops, tailor shops, tattoo parlors, pawn-shops and various small occupied-nation-transplant owned ethnic restaurants. Although it would be good to dismantle the military and spend all that money on the ?working poor? who don?t work and the less fortunate who are simply lazy, we all would like to retain a monument to the military in our town just for old time?s sake. And the $$$.

Much more where that came from.

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