State Sponsored Sedition


This is just incredible and it’s in my neck of the woods. The city of Baldwin Park has a monument on MTA property (Metropolitan Transportion Authority) that has written on it

“This land was Mexican once, Was Indian always, and is, and will be again”


“It was better before they came” has the following demands posted on their website: demands that the city of Baldwin Park immediately remove seditious anti-American language (pictures below) from the ?Danzas Indigenas? monument located at the Baldwin Park Commuter Rail Station. Taxpayer funded and situated on public land, the Monument promotes the radical and militant belief in the ?reconquista of Aztlan.? One passage on the monument laments the presence of whites in America by stating, ?It was better before they came.? The most offensive passage is a quote from Gloria Anzaldua, which reads: ?This land was Mexican once,was Indian alwaysand is,And will be again.?

Californians are tired of radical revisionist history and militant separatist rhetoric calling for the return of the Southwestern United States to Mexico as proclaimed by radical organizations like Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA). proudly stands in opposition to this propaganda.

Californians are tired of watching their communities turn into Third World cesspools as a result of a massive invasion of illegal aliens. Joseph Turner, Executive Director of responds: ?This divisive monument is funded by our tax dollars and we will not tolerate its anti-American message. This is not art. This is not freedom of expression. This is government-sanctioned sedition. This is our land. This is our fight.?

We call upon the city of Baldwin Park to voluntarily remove these offensive passages by Friday, July 1st, in advance of the American Independence weekend. This will clearly demonstrate their commitment to America and their disapproval of treasonous sentiments. If this situation is not remedied, will take additional steps to ensure that the passages are removed.

I Don’t think the city of Baldwin Park will give a damn about our protest but the MTA might, this is on government property that is encouraging sedition and must be removed. I have searched for some contact info on MTA with the following:

In Writing:

Office of the Inspector General
P.O. Box 811190 Los Angeles, CA 90081-1190

In Person:

Office of the Inspector General
818 West 7th Street, 5th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90017

General information:(213) 244-7300

Senior Secretary, Ailee Wang: She will refer your e-mail inquiry to the appropriate OIG staff member.

Deputy IG in charge of Audits, Jack Shigetomi:

Deputy IG in charge of Investigations, Mimi Strauss: (213) 244-7335


Metro Media Relations One Gateway Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90012(213)

Marc Littman, Director Public Relations Phone: (213) 922-4609
Rick Jager, Senior Communications Rep.Phone: (213) 922-2707
Ed Scannell, Senior Communications Rep. Phone: (213) 922-2703
Jose Ubaldo, Senior Communications Rep. Phone: (213) 922-3087

If you find any more contact numbers please let me know.

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