Los Angeles Sheriff Shooting


Guess I should make a few comments about the incident that has been all over the news. I do not work at Compton Station but work at the station just north of it, it is our sister station. I was not there at the scene and I hate to monday morning quarterback it, since I know what it feels like when people do this to me about the incident’s I have been involved in.

My regular radio car partner worked overtime yesterday and helped at the scene. He spoke to a few of the Deputies who were there and they pretty much told him that after the pursuit the vehicle stopped. The Deputies prepared to extract the driver via a felony traffic stop, which is at least two to three radio cars behind the suspect vehicle, everyone aiming their firearms at the vehicle and ordering the occupants out one at a time with the hands up. Instead the driver of the vehicle put it into reverse and tried to ram a few deputies, that is when those who were in its path opened up. Upon seeing or hearing that their fellow deputies had opened up the rest opened up.

The biggest problem I have with this situation is toward those who were in a cross fire situation and either failed to recognize it or ignored it. You just do not do that. I wasn’t there so until a investigation occurs I can’t say with certainty why this cross fire happened. All I know is we are trained and trained about these things and the first thing you do is check for cross fire.

As far as the number of rounds fired, I can see how this would happened if they believed they were taking fire from the car. This could be explained by the fact that it was dark and they are seeing the window’s shattering as if the suspect if firing at them from inside the vehicle. Remember they chased this vehicle for shooting at someone else so they believed, rightly so, that a firearm was in the vehicle.

I do know that Compton Station is a relatively young station. Once our department took over that city’s policing many young deputies transferred there. Could the lack of fire discipline be because of lack of experience? Perhaps. I will not judge that until it has been investigated.

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