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There was one section of that VDH article that I forgot to mention in my earlier post. I will highlight it now since I believe it is right on target:

Defense The problem with Democrats is that Americans are not convinced that they will ever act in any consistent manner. We can argue about Afghanistan, but if one were to go back and read accounts in October 2001 about hitting back, the news reflected liberals’ doubt about both the wisdom and efficacy of taking out the Taliban.

Would Al Gore have invaded Afghanistan less than a month after 9/11? If John Kerry were President and China invaded Taiwan, what would he do?

What would an administration advised by Madeline Albright, Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden, Jamie Rubin, Nancy Pelosi, or Jimmy Carter do if Iran sent a nuke into Israel, or North Korea fired a series of missiles over the top of Japan?

Or, if al Qaeda, operating from a sanctuary in Iran or Syria, took out the Sears Tower, how would a Kennedy, Kerry, or Gore respond? Six cruise missiles? A police matter? Proper work for the DA? Better “intelligence”? Let’s work with our allies? Get the U.N. involved?

Whatever we think of George Bush, we know he would do something real ? and just what that something might be frightens into hesitation ? and yes, fear ? many of those who would otherwise like to try something pretty awful.

The only reason we have not been attacked since 9/11 is because of Bush and his policies. The terrorists and dictators around the world now know that if we are provoked he will do something about it. I just thank god every day that Bush was president rather then Gore, holy christ that would have been a disaster.

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