Making It Easier For Illegals.


This is just lunacy. Since Gil Cedillo can’t get illegal immigrants driving license now he want’s to change existing law and not allow law enforcement to impound a illegal immigrants car if he is found to be driving without a license. As usual, let’s make it easier for them to break the law.

Those illegals with no license are the one’s who crash into people and guess what, there is no way for the other party to recoup their losses. They have no insurance, they have no ID, there is no way to even identify them if they run. Now he wants to make it easier for them. Lunacy.

What’s even better is that if a legal immigrant or a legal citizen is caught driving without a license then the car is gone. If he is a illegal then send them on their merry way.

Stymied in his efforts to allow illegal immigrants to get driver’s
licenses, Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, has found a backdoor way around the ban with a proposal that would exempt undocumented motorists from vehicle-impound laws.

Under current law, for 30 days police can impound the vehicle of a motorist caught driving without a valid license. Cedillo’s bill would exempt those who don’t have a license simply because they are not legal U.S. residents.

Cedillo said law enforcement resources should be dedicated to going after serious driving offenses such as drunk driving, not licensing violations by undocumented immigrants.

“That’s what the money should be spent for, not towing people’s cars who are taking their citizen kids to school, church or the supermarket,” Cedillo said in an interview. “It’s just a bad policy and it doesn’t make sense.”

Unlike his measure that would make illegal immigrants eligible for licenses, which was repealed under pressure from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cedillo has pushed for his new bill quietly.

Los Angeles police officers say the ability to impound vehicles is a useful tool for law enforcement. Lt. Steven Allen of the LAPD’s Valley Traffic Division said the law helps discourage unlicensed, uninsured drivers by making it more expensive.

“I probably get more complaints about this very issue from people who are involved in traffic accidents than any other issue,” Allen said. “(They say) here I am in this country legally and I have a driver’s license and I get rear-ended by someone who has no license, who is here illegally and has no insurance. How am I ever going to get money for the
damage to my car?”

Valley Traffic runs operations several times a month, targeting areas where there are frequent hit-and-runs to check for driver’s licenses and registrations. The operations usually result in anywhere from 80 to 120 impounds each time.

Allen said there is no reason to drive without a license because police are required to recognize valid licenses from other countries, so those who are here illegally should at least maintain a legal license from their native country.

And I tell you, some of the most idiotic drivers are those illegals who have no idea how to drive in this country. When I ask them why they pulled a stupid diving stunt, simple stuff that my teenage daughter knows not to do because she actually learned how to drive legally, they just shrug their shoulders. Incredible.

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