Los Angeles, Mexico?


I guess this Mexican channel forgot that they lost the Mexico-American war:

This is a billboard off of the 605 freeway in Los Angeles

Who to contact at the channel:

Krca TV Channel 62
951-682-5722 Programing Director, Miguel Benhohian

Check out some of the viewing pleasure this channel is offering:

A Spanish-language TV show in the US is offering, as its top prize, help from immigration lawyers to gain a green card residency permit. The TV show Gana la Verde (Win the Green) started last month on the KRCA-TV Channel 62 in Los Angeles.

Contestants have to perform stunts that include swallowing tequila worms, trying to catch a pig smeared in butter, and jumping between two trucks.

The channel is owned by Clear Channel:

Contact HQ:

Tony Alwin, Senior VP Creative:
Phone: 602-957-8116

More news, the thinktank behind the ad is:

Lieberman Broadcasting in Burbank, CA
Address: 1845 W. Empire Ave.
Burbank, CA 91504
Phone: 818-563-5722
Fax: 818-567-1062

Also, some at Americans For legal Immigration have started a campaign against the Channel throught the FTC:

Heres what you do

call 877-382-4357 this is the FTC. You will need to keep pressing numbers until you run out of menu options I think the last number is going to be a 5 then you will get transferred to an aperator. Tell the operator you want to report a case of false advertising. Then give the operator all the following information. Be sure to state the company name as WILEY REIN & FIELDING LLP as KRCA are just the call letters of the station.

Legal Name of the Licensee

Mailing Address

BURBANK State or Country (if foreign address)
91504 –
Telephone Number (include area code)
8187295300 E-Mail Address (if available)

FCC Registration Number:
Facility ID Number
22161 Call Sign

2. Contact Representative (if other than Licensee)

Firm or Company Name

Telephone Number (include area code)

E-Mail Address (if available)


On a separate note, I also called and registered a complaint with the FTC with the information above. They said this is what happens. A complaint is registered. You will then be able to update information on that complaint in the future. But you will not have access to the status, nor will anyone else, to that complaint after it’s filed. They said that the only entity to view this complaint will be the individual investigator for the FTC.

They also said they don’t investigate single individual complaints. They do search for patterns and will investigage when there is a large number of similar complaints against a company. Well, we have our work ahead of us…

Please help out and call these numbers and voice your complaint, even better register a complaint with the FTC.

Check out Michelle Malkin, The Blue State Conservative, The Immigration Blog, California Mafia, Clear and Present, Opinipundit, & Discarded Lies for more.

UPDATE 4/28/05 1020HRS

McIntyre in the Morning is planning to send a message to Channel 62:

Noticias 62 is a Spanish language channel, which believes California is Mexico. They advertise their beliefs with giant billboards. Well guess what? California is NOT Mexico. Noticias 62 is owned by Liberman Broadcasting, Inc.

Send the rats at Liberman a thank you for exposing themselves as part of the reconquista movement. A simple floral arrangement (whatever you can afford) should be sent to:

Roses For Rats
Jose Liberman, President, Liberman Broadcasting, Inc.
c/o TalkRadio 790 KABC
3321 South LaCienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016

(310) 840-4900 (the florist will need this number for delivery to KABC)

Ask the florist to include the following message in the gift card:

“Thanks for being a rat”.

TalkRadio 790 KABC will deliver your flowers by truck after McIntyre in the Morning on Friday, April 29th. Flowers must be at KABC by 10AM on Friday morning.

1-800-PROFLOWERS / www.proflowers.com or the florist of your choice, but make sure they are sent to TalkRadio 790 KABC by 10AM Friday morning!

Important: Do not make threats, do not use race-based language. We want to make a point, not fan the flames of hatred.

Sending my order now!

UPDATE 5/6/05 1940HRS

Sorry, been busy with work so I didn’t have time to update a great bit of information.

It looks like Clearchannel has issued a statement that it will change their billboards:

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration, is declaring victory after receiving an e-mail from Clear Channel. The note said:

“In response to community feedback, Clear Channel Outdoor spoke with the local advertiser and reached agreement on revised ad copy. That copy is expected to be posted by 5/6/05. Anyone seeking further comment is invited to contact the TV station directly. Channel 62 phone 818-563-5722.”

A poster on the group’s message board referred to Clear Channel’s use of words in the e-mail, saying, “Community feedback? Ha! What a PC statement! More like community OUTRAGE.”

Americans for Legal Immigration says there were 75 billboards placed in various places in the L.A. area.


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Seriously? Wow! This reminds me of the old Absolut ad that was around in Mexico a few years ago. It depicted America as how it would be if Mexico still ‘owner’. Absurd! Things like this really get me going.