The Peace Port


Some more moonbat tomfoolery: (h/t Sound Politics)

The Port of Olympia could become the Peace Port of Thurston County under a petition planned by the Green Party of South Puget Sound. Party members hope to schedule a November ballot item to rename the port in response to its policy of accepting Iraq war-related shipments. The port resumed military shipments last year for the first time in 17 years.

“I see this as a referendum on using the port for military shipments and as a referendum on the war in Iraq,” Green Party member Chris Stegman said Monday. A name change itself would not overturn the port?s policy of accepting military shipments. That would depend on a change of heart by the port commissioners. …

Korean War veteran Don Archer, a former president of Lacey Veterans of Foreign Wars, predicted a ballot defeat if the Green Party gathers enough signatures. “They?re just wasting their time,” Archer said. “They?re going to make idiots of themselves.”

Sounds like the same people circulating this petition are from the same fold as the ACLU representatives in Arizona:

(h/t Blue State Conservative, The Immigration Blog, and Discarded Lies)

What a waste of human life these people are. Hopefully these types will follow in Marla Ruzicka footsteps and get themselves blown up while “saving” victims of the US aggression.

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