Kerry’s Iranian Buddies


A trial is starting in Dallas on April 12th that is quite startling. It’s a lawsuit filed by Hassan Nemazee against “Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran” (SMCCDI) for defamation.

The lawsuit itself is an amazing look at how this man, Hassan Nemazee, has influenced the Democrats, specifically Kerry and Kennedy, to become close pals with the Mullahs in Iran: (hat tip Regime Change Iran)

The “Nemazee Vs. SMCCDI/Pirouznia” trial is to open, in Dallas,Texas, on Tuesday April 12, 2005, at 09:00 AM. The trial follows a long legal procedure raised over the influence exerted by some of the Islamic regime’s apologists on the US Electoral process and their desperate try to promote relations between the US and the unpopular Mullahcracy in Iran.

A mandatory mediation which took place on March 15th in Dallas, didn’t end to any type of agreement. Aryo B. Pirouznia, the Movement’s Coordinator, refused to give up to the requests made by Nemazee’s lawyers in order to retract the accusations made against their controversial client.

Nemazee, a mega financier based in New York, has been a major source of contribution to U.S. Democratic nominees and officials. As a part of his rewards, he was sent by President Clinton among the U.S. delegation to France in order to assist the Iran-US game in the last Soccer World cup. He was also nominated as to become the US Ambassador to Argentina but his nomination did not go through following the publication, by Forbes Magazine, of an article revealing some of his dark activities and financial records.

Nemazee later ended up as a high rank official of the notorious “American Iranian Council” (AIC) which is headed by Hooshang Amir-Ahmadi who is known as the “Broker of Death” by many Iranians. This lobby group is well known for actively pushing for the promotion of US ties with the Islamic regime. Nemazee, as its board member, is known for having made public speeches, in presence of various US lawmakers including Senator Kerry, promoting ties with the Mullahs regime.

According to the public statement made by one of his colleagues, it was Nemazee who opened the way for the group to the highest levels of the U.S. Democratic Party. He had even introduced the gang to Senator J. Biden who was rewarded by an astonishing fundraiser held at IMAN Islamist center of Los Angeles. Biden is known for having promoted ties with the theocratic regime and IMAN’s founder is also a board member of AIC.

The group was discredited by the media following its constant denouncement by groups such as SMCCDI, the Presidency of George W. Bush, and in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy. Nemazee and several other board members officially resigned from AIC and started to build up new entities such as IAPAC and NIAC who are in close collaboration. Officially, these two groups are not involved in U.S. policy in reference to Iran but the reality is something else as they are playing a more subtle game, having the knowledge that they are under constant watch.

Another of Nemazee’s closest friends, Faraj Aalaei, is also co-founder of IAPAC. Aalaei’s wife, Susan Akbarpour, has been the subject of an investigation report titled, “Dirty Moolah,” published in The American Spectator by Kenneth Timmerman (October 2004). The report revealed Akbarpour’s close connections to various Islamic regime circles including the Rafsanjani clan, as well as her goals of promoting the Islamic Republic in the U.S.

The knowledge of Nemazee’s background, activities, and dark records brought SMCCDI to protest against the presence of Senator Kennedy at IAPAC’s launch gala in July 2003. Exposed, Nemazee first threatened suit in September 2003, but stopped short of suing SMCCDI and its Coordinator.

In February 2004, the Movement addressed a firm protest letter to Presidential Candidate John Kerry for some of his remarks and actions in reference to the Mullahcracy. Senator Kerry had stated during his campaign that, “Iran is becoming democratic” and, in a controversial e-mail sent to democrats abroad, promised to establish ties with Iran if elected. The content of the e-mail was published in the Iranian media.

Making matters worse, Senator Kerry proposed later “to make a nuclear deal” with the fanatic mullahs.

Nemazee, who is also a close friend and a main fundraiser of John Kerry, sued the Movement and its Coordinator, for 10 Million of dollars each, before getting sued himself for a frivolous lawsuit. Many believe that he hoped to silence the Movement by such miscalculation which will fuel the US media in an electoral context.

In a move which was quite unnecessary and unprecedented for a defamation case, Nemazee and his legal counsel tried to get the names of all SMCCDI members and affiliates, including those involved with this opposition group inside Iran. Such a request is not only unnecessary for this case, but would have resulted in the endangerment of the lives of those SMCCDI members inside Iran who are opposing a regime which has been notorious for the imprisonment, torture, and execution of such political opposition activists.

For this reason, Pirouznia stood firm in refusing to give in to the requests of Nemazee and his legal counsel even with the declaration that he could be jailed for resisting the request which would have undermined the privacy and security of SMCCDI’s members and affiliates.

In a revealing move, Nemazee and his legal counsel retracted their request for acquiring the SMCCDI affiliate names after articles in the Washington Times and FrontPage Magazine shed light on Nemazee and his cause.

Tens of other articles were written in newspapers such as the Washington Times, New York Sun, Los Angeles Times, WorldNet Daily, FrontPage Magazine, Insight Magazine and WorldTribune.Com, speaking of the case and/or mentioning its ramifications. Tens of radio talk shows across the U.S. gave coverage to the case, especially in Florida and Ohio, by speaking to the Movement’s Coordinator, the SMCCDI legal team, or advisers.

A Press Conference was even held at the Washington DC’s National Press Club on October 14, 2004, during which the SMCCDI Coordinator denounced Nemazee’s activities and his try to silence the Movement. Several speakers, such as the famous investigative reporter, Kenneth Timmerman and Jerome Corsi, were among the panelists discussing “Islamic Regime Influence in the U.S.” beside Aryo B. Pirouznia.

The prospect of such a public scandal was to the point that a desperate Nemazee hired the paid services of an unscrupulous PR adviser named Eleanor Benador in order to carry a smear campaign intending to diminish the impact of the press conference. Benador had even made an unsuccessful trip to Dallas, earlier in summer, in order to dissuade Aryo B. Pirouznia to counter sue Nemazee.

Nemazee acknowledged her hiring during his mandatory deposition made under oath.

A specific website with information regarding this case has been created by SMCCDI’s legal team under the name of

DoctorZin over at Regime Change Iran has spoken with Aryo recently. He tells him that they need any financial help they can get so if possible, send a few bucks their way to fight this jackass. The SMCCDI’s phone number is 214-906-8181. You can also donate at their website above.

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