Ben Stein’s Words


I have not commented on the Schiavo case yet, mostly because everyone else was doing a great job of commenting on it. I am not a deeply religious man, but I do believe this whole incident was wrong. One judge rules that she is brain dead and a dozen others will not even ask for more facts, wtf is that.

I have sat in so many court rooms, for hours on end, during my career and seen some of the most idiotic men and women on the bench. In my opinion a few of the judges I have testified for should be ruled brain dead.

Some believe that they are all mighty, they believe nothing can touch them. Most disturbing is that in most cases they are correct.

In Ben Stein’s Words:

Here is what makes me furious about the Terri Schiavo case, short and sweet.

The courts of the United States can find a right for the abortion industry to take a fully formed, totally healthy baby at nine months’ term, out of his mother’s womb and murder it by putting scissors through his brain and grinding them about.

They do this without one single word of support from any Congressional act of any kind ever.

They can find a right of savage murderers of innocent women who drown them for a lark to avoid the death penalty because they are old enough to drive and to kill but supposedly too young to be executed. Again, there is not one syllable in any Congressional act that sanctions this protection of the guilty.

But with the Congress and the President of the United States pleading for the life of a woman who is not brain dead, who responds to words and to touch, who is not on life support, whose parents beg for her to be kept alive, whose nurses give affidavits that she can be rehabilitated, with a specific law commanding the courts to review the case to keep this poor soul alive, the courts instead find no rights for her.

This is a court system totally out of control, obviously committed to death, obviously bound by nothing beyond its morbid obsession with its own omnipotence and its fascination with the letting the innocent die. This is simply terrifying. The Falange followers of Francisco Franco had an evil cry: Long live death. Obviously, Justice Kennedy was listening.

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