Wow, did you get a load of those protests today? They were huge weren’t they….laugh.

“Two years after the American-led invasion of Iraq, relatively small crowds of demonstrators – the home guard of the antiwar movement – mobilized yesterday in New York, San Francisco and cities and towns across the nation to condemn the war and demand the withdrawal of allied forces.

“Thousands joined similar protests in European cities. On both sides of the Atlantic, the protests were passionate but largely peaceful, and nowhere near as big as those in February 2003, just before the war, when millions around the world marched to urge President Bush not to attack.”

They expected hundreds of thousands in the UK:

Some 100,000 people were expected to march through central London Saturday to protest against the Iraq war and other elements of the US-led war on terror, organizers said. Police early Saturday afternoon estimated the crowd at 10,000 to 20,000.

This from the Washington Post:

Tens of thousands of antiwar protesters demonstrated across Europe on Saturday to mark the second anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. In London, the site of perhaps the largest protest, 45,000 people marched from Hyde Park past the U.S. Embassy.

In Istanbul, about 15,000 people protested against the U.S. presence in Iraq.

But the rallies were nowhere near as big as those in February 2003, just before the war began, when millions marched in cities around the world to urge President Bush and his allies not to attack Iraq

Over at where they successfully placed intelligent banners along with the left’s shrill idiotic banners, one member posted about the highlight of the day in SF.

Highlight of day: Radical Palestinians calling the Jews “Nazis”.

Some of my favorite pictures so far:

I love this one because it’s The Quebec federation of Women, they are protesting against the liberation of women in the Islamic world. Ummm, hmmmm, nevermind.

Here is an perfect example of a moonbat:

This one just makes me shake my head.

So they want to support those that car bomb and target innocent people? What happened to these people? Did they become this stupid over night or we’re they brainwashed by our school system?

Another one to make me wonder: (hat tip The Indepundit)

The Iraqi’s voting and showing their pride in being able to vote for the first time is now worthy of a middle finger….cough.

But at least some people with a few brain cells were there also:

If you come across anymore winners please email them my way.

From Chrenkoff:

Strangely quiet was the “Arab Street” – I can’t find any mention of Iraqis protesting their liberation, and neither can I find any stories about anti-war and anti-occupation rallies anywhere else throughout the Middle East (with exception of several hundred people protesting in Turkey). Perhaps they’re all too busy rallying for democracy and against their own governments.

I think my favorite quote comes from a commentor on the LGF thread:

#99 Steel Rain 3/19/2005 06:53PM PST

Well we even had a massive (15 people) anti-Bush demonstration in Fairbanks Alaska. Gathering along the perimeter of the Sam’s Club parking lot these heroic figures of the stoic left proudly hoisted their poorely crafted homemade signs beside the parked pickup truck with it’s realistic cardeboard coffin (tastefully spray painted black) and the old fart with his “We don’t hate the troops only their commander” sign.

This “massive” demonstration was of course mostly composed of the intellectual elite of the local university, University of Alaska Fairbanks, known as UAF (hint the kindest thing most locals call it is Unified Assinine Fools). I did notice that it was composed of a 50/50 split of apparent students and faculty.

I was so impressed I almost hurt myself laughing.

I looked at the older ones and realised it was entirely possible one of them might have spat upon me 3 decades ago in an airport when I was in uniform. I actually got a warm and fuzzy feeling from realising how pathetic the former radicals have become.


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