Another Disgrace


This story goes along with the below story quite well. A story of a disrespecting school and their students towards are hero’s: (via The Captain and Michelle Malkin)

Three invited pro-military speakers were shocked last Friday when they arrived for a West Seattle High student assembly to confront a theater stage strewn with figures costumed as Iraqi men, women and children splashed with blood….

For Nadine Gulit of Operation Support Our Troops, the spectacle was sickening.

She had been asked by student organizers to provide three speakers and she delivered.

“I was told there would be three on each side. No debates. No rebuttal,” she said in the e-mail she fired off to members of the Seattle School Board. “At no time was I referred to a teacher nor did a teacher contact me. As I walked into the theater there was a young girl wearing a mask and crawling on the floor. And, over the loud speaker (someone) was denouncing our military, saying ‘Americans are killing my family!’ “

Not a good thing for “impressionable students who may have family serving Iraq,” Gulit told student organizers. “Two of our speakers had returned from Iraq and Afghanistan.”

With her speakers in tow, Gulit saw the bloodied figures on the floor. Stage right were students in orange Abu Ghraib-style prison jumpsuits, hoods over heads, pounding on plates with spoons. Next, a student dressed as a grieving Iraqi woman knelt near a bloody body while, over a microphone, a narrator wailed the story of civilians shot, kicked and beaten by American soldiers.

Of course the school is saying they had no idea these idiots were planning this spectactle….yeah sure. They just set this whole thing up with no teacher knowing a thing? Give me a break. This sure didn’t sound like a rudimentary stage set up. No way they kept the whole school in the dark about this.

And what the hell were those sets anyways? Love the Abu Ghraib one, its too funny when the lib’s get all weepy over some men with panties over their heads. Civilians kicked and beaten? They just love to hate their country don’t they?

Check out CDR Salamander, and a Washingtonian – Brain Fertilizer for more

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