Shattered Dreams


Bob has a post up on the Lebanese Blogger Forum that is pretty straightforward:

What pains me most is that we all had this perfect chance to unite, a chance to build our country on sound basis. For throughout the short history of Lebanon our sectarian cohabitation was always doubtful, everybody was just waiting for the other side to show signs of so called ?treason? to start getting help themselves from the outside as a response to the other side betrayal.

With the death of Hariri I hoped beyond reason, beyond hope even. That this time we, all of us Lebanese, we will agree once and for all to live united in our country in peace and accept to cohabit in the same definit country that is both part of the arab world and of the west. A unique bridge in a world that dearly needs such bridges.

What a na?f idealist I was? The first chance it got – while Hariri assassination was still a mere three weeks behind us- Hezbollah betrayed us all. Hezbollah betrayed Lebanon, betrayed its people ? most of the Shiia Muslim faction- and betrayed itself. Why Hezbollah did that? Forever I will ask that question. Many answers arise. Out of allegiance to Syria and Iran ? Hezbollah has been the backed finacilly and military by Iran and Syria in its mini-war with Isreal on Lebanon south -, or out of fear of disarmament.

No matter Hizbollah choose to side with Syria against the rest of the Lebanese.Even though the opposition tried everything to convince Hezbollah?s leader to join them. The opposition offered to postpone Hezbollah disbarment till after the election and after a national dialogue. The opposition agreed with most of Hizballah conditions and demands, asking just that Hezbollah proves its patriotism and joins its fellow Lebanese.

All what matters is that they rule. Rule absolutely with no opposition. Syria and its proxy Hezbollah are even willing to rule over ruins. And if they are obliged to get out of Lebanon, by the effort of the international community they will leave ruins behind. For Bashar Assad told the late Prime minister Hariri : ? Tell your friend Chirac- the French president who was a close friend to Hariri – that if he want us to leave Lebanon, we will leave it but we will burn it. Just like how we burned it in the past??

Wow, you can really feel his frustration and don’t blame him a bit. Go to the blog and check out the whole thing, it’s eye-opening.

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