Pro-Terrorism Rally


Omar over at Iraq The Model posted a few thought on the rally today in Syria:

I have noticed that some media sources are focusing on the size of the demonstrations and the number of the people who were gathered to attend at that time and place. I think that the number of participants doesn’t make a demonstration strong at all.

The BBC says : The crowd dwarfed previous opposition protests urging Syrian troops to leave.

I think that the opposite is true as it proves how the tyrants in Syria and their allies in Lebanon are so scared of the growing sense of liberty among the people in Lebanon.

The reason why I adopt this opinion is very simple; the opposition rallies were calling for liberty to their country and rejecting the Syrian interference which has infiltrated all important life sectors in Lebanon in the last 15 years.

While Hizbollah’s rallies are allegedly opposing the “western foreign interference” which in fact doesn’t exist!

Moreover, these rallies are actually encouraging the Syrian interference (that’s foreign interference, right?) in the interior affairs of Lebanon and condemning the decision of international community represented by resolution 1559.

I see no patriotism at all in holding pictures of another country’s president (err?I mean tyrant) and chanting “Long live Asad?Long live Syria” when that very administration you’re cheering and chanting for has been keeping your country a hostage for over a decade.

Another point is that bringing too many people by buses doesn’t mean that you’re right. Actually it reminds me of demonstrations in Iraq under the Ba’athist regime (Oops, I forgot that the Ba’athists still rule in Syria!)

At least one opposition leader said the pro-Syrian government pressured people to turn out Tuesday and some reports said Syria bused in people from across the border. The MSNBC reports.

Very good points.

We all know that Hezbollah is financed and supported by Iran. Iran and Syria are best pals so in goes Hezbollah to truck in some pro-Syrian “supporters”

Ammar over at Across The Bay makes even better points:

Tomorrow, and on the eve of the ?glorious? event that brought the Baath Party to power in 1963, more such recruits will gather in al-Jalaa Stadium to perform another sycophant song and dance about national honor and pride (a similar demonstration organized by Hizbollah will take place in Beirut). But the truth is, and the people know it, Baath rule brought nothing but shame and humiliation. It destroyed the very moral and civil fabric of our fledgling republic.

And the people know it. And the people know it. That?s exactly the problem. The people know it. This is not the time of ignorance anymore. We know. We are informed. We may not the whole truth about what is happening all around in us, but we really don?t need to. We just know enough not to be fooled by empty promises and gestures. We know enough to distinguish between victory and defeat, between a show of principles and a freak show.

Even more weirder. Check out the below picture of the demonstration today:

“No for the foreign interference” next to someone holding up a picture of the Syrian dictator, classic!

But I digress:

There is little doubt that a majority of Lebanese–Christians, Druze, Sunni Muslims (particularly after the assassination of Rafik Hariri), and not a few Shiites (how I recall that the most violent postwar confrontations with Syria occurred between Syrian soldiers and Shiite soccer fans after matches in which Syrian and Lebanese teams competed)–want an end to Syrian domination. Today, the truth is clear: Hezbollah seeks to become the Praetorian Guard of a Syrian-dominated order in Lebanon for after Syrian soldiers withdraw. In that context, the killing of Hariri also becomes clearer: it was preparation for what Damascus understood would be an inevitable Syrian pullout, ensuring that a strong Sunni, with a national project for Lebanon (who could also have threatened the stability of the Alawite regime in Damascus), would be eliminated.

Omar says it best. He remembers these kind of demonstrations in Iraq under Saddam so no one should be surprised that Syria was able to do the same thing. The idiots on the left believe this demonstration is “the will of the people”. Yeah, people love to be governed by another country. Idiots.

The Astute Blogger has some very astute findings:

What does it say about the neojihadists that their demonstration in Beirut today was a man-only affair?
YUP: that’s right: While watching news reports on TV and looking at jpegs at blogs, I couldn’t help but notice a HUGE difference between the two sides in Lebanon: on the one hand, the anti-Syria demonstrations in Beirut were obviously, totally PLURALISTIC: men and women; Christians, Druze, and Sunni; and people of all ages; and they were all HAPPILY proclaiming their the occupation of their country by the fear-mongering forces of anger and repression. On the other hand, today’s Hizballah demonstration was huge, but exclusively male – and angry looking; even their speakers sounded angry – ESPECIALLY Nasrallah.
I think this says a lot about each side – EVERYTHING, in fact.
Besides explicitly demonstrating their beliefs, each side implicitly demonstrated what kind of nation they would engender: the anti-Syrian side showed that they embody pluralism and democracy – and even “the pursuit of happiness.” Hizballah showed that they are sexist, xenophobic, and violent-at-heart. This is a classic “Good versus Evil” match-up, and it’s why we must be willing to support the anti-Syrian side with EVERYTHING we got!
AND ANOTHER THING: Were all those angry pro-Syrian men Lebanese?
I find that very VERY hard to believe. HERE’S WHY: news agencies estimated the Hizballah crowd at nearly one MILLION people – THAT’S 25% of Lebanon’s population! And since it was a MALE ONLY crowd, that would mean that the total pro-Hizballah population (which after all – like the general population – include an equal amount of women) would account for 50% of the nation’s population!
Well, that’s MORE than the number of Lebanese Shia! YUP: according to the CIA, Lebanon has about 4 million people, of which only 35% are Shia. If half are male, then there are only 500,000 male Lebanese Shia – which means that maybe HALF of the pro-Syria, pro-Hizballah demonstrators WERE NON-LEBANESE – and were either Palestinian Arabs from the UN run refugee camps, or Syrians!

Interesting. Here is one girl from the Syria-Out crowd tho:


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