Italian Idiots – Update


Well the hostage is home now and the Italian media, and of course our own MSM, is still at their stupitidy:

“Giuliana Sgrena is free – her liberator is murdered,” reads the simple, uncompromising headline in Il Manifesto, the Rome daily for which Ms Sgrena works.

Murdered? Someone was too dim to figure out he should slow down and stop when approaching a checkpoint, in a country where there have been multiple car bombings of police checkpoints, and we murdered him….

Murder = is the unlawful killing of a human being, or a fetus, with malice aforethought.

So now, according to the Italions, we had planned on killing this guy, plus the recently freed reporter. While we’re at it we also plan on killing all reporters. Where have we heard this before? Lunacy.

So why would these soldiers be kinda worried about a car bomber?

Feb 10th – car bomb detonated by remote control exploded in a crowded central Baghdad square on Thursday moments after an American military convoy passed, killing at least two Iraqis and wounding two others, the U.S. Army said.

Feb 12th – A fresh car bomb attack killed 17 people south of Baghdad, as violence continued to engulf Iraq ahead of the announcement of the country’s election results.

Feb 17th – A car bomb exploded next to a U.S. army patrol in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, killing one soldier and wounding three, the U.S. military said on Friday.

Feb 19th – A suicide car bomb exploded during a religious commemoration outside a mosque in western Baghdad Saturday, killing at least seven people, as Shiite Muslims celebrated their holiest day of the year, officials said. The blast came one day after insurgents killed 36 in a string of attacks.

Feb 23th – A man wearing a police uniform drove a car bomb inside the main police compound in Saddam Hussein’s hometown north of Baghdad on Thursday, setting off a massive explosion that killed 15 police and wounded 22, officials and witnesses said.

Feb 27th – Iraq’s insurgents Monday slipped a massive car bomb into an area normally off-limits to vehicles, then detonated it in front of a medical clinic where dozens of military and police recruits were lined up to undergo physicals. The explosion killed 116 people

March 1st – Six police officers were killed and 15 wounded in new car bomb attacks on Iraq?s security services

March 5th – US and Iraqi forces raided an insurgent car bomb making facility in Mosul, as two people were killed in clashes west of the northern city.

And that is in less then one month.

Now they are trying to level conspiracy charges against the US Government….

Her companion, who traveled with her from Baghdad, leveled serious accusations at the US troops involved in the incident, saying the shooting had been deliberate.

“The Americans and Italians knew about (her) car coming,” Pier Scolari said on leaving Celio hospital.

“They were 700 meters (yards) from the airport, which means that they had passed all checkpoints.”

Friday’s shooting was heard by Berlusconi’s aides who were on the phone with one of the intelligence officers, said Scolari. “Then the US military silenced the cellphones,” he charged.

“Giuliana had information, and the US military did not want her to survive,” he added.

When Sgrena was kidnapped on February 4 she was writing an article on refugees from Fallujah seeking shelter at a Baghdad mosque after US forces bombed the former Sunni rebel bastion.

Il Manifesto chief editor Gabriele Polo meanwhile branded the intelligence officer’s death a “murder”. Calipari, 51, is to be given a state funeral Monday.

Yes, she had important information about civilians taking cover in a mosque while we bombed the place, and this is information that would make our leaders call for her assassination? Man, Italy’s moonbats are as wacked out as ours.

Check out Captian Quarters for some info on the idiots over at Al-Reuters. Also check out The Command Post for some more info. Plus The King Of Zembla has some interesting info on how left wing this hostage is, no wonder she is spouting conspiracy theories. I’m sure she will be praising her captors pretty soon here.

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