Italian Idiots


Gotta love this guy. Im sure you have heard by now about the shooting of the car carrying recently freed hostage Giuliana Sgrena, the Italian journalist, by US forces. (hat tip The Dread Pundit Bluto)

Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena was freed by her captors on Friday but U.S. forces in Iraq mistakenly opened fire on the convoy taking her to safety, wounding her and killing an Italian secret service agent.

Yes, this was a tragic incident, but totally avoidable if the idiots had not ignored warning to stop their vehicle. Especially on the 7 mile stretch of road that is labeled the most dangerous in Iraq. I mean come on, these soldiers see car bombings and suicide bombers left and right and what do you expect them to do? Just wait till the car approaches so they can get themselves blown to bits. Give me a fucking break. If it had been me standing guard while a car was speeding toward our checkpoint with apparently no compliance with our orders to stop….I would have lit that car up like it was the forth of july. I will not go home in a coffin just so some freakin idiot who should no better can get to his destination fast. Go to fuckin hell.

Now this guy

Gabriele Polo, the editor of Il Manifesto newspaper, said: “This news which should have be a moment of celebration, has been ruined by this fire fight.”

He added: “An Italian agent has been killed by an American bullet. A tragic demonstration which we never wanted that everything that’s happening in Iraq is completely senseless and mad.”

Yes, you guys didn’t know that did you? Everything in Iraq is just MAD I tell ya, MAD MAD MAD. Just look at all those Iraqi’s voting of their own free will, MAD I tell ya.

What senseless is the driver of this car ignoring soldiers orders. But will they blame the driver, noooooo. Why would they when even the Americans blame the police for killing a 13 year old scumbag who just happened to be out stealing cars at 4am and running from the police. Don’t blame the idiots, blame the authorities. Dont blame the parents, blame the authorites. Don’t blame the driver, blame the authorites.


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