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Ali over at Free Iraq has a excellent post out today about the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in Lebanon.

It seems that the horrible crime that took place in Beirut won’t go unpunished. Despite the continues allegations of the Syrian and Lebanese government and the crocodile tears their officials are shedding, no one seems to believe them and especially the Lebanese people. All the Syrian government could come up with is accusing Israel of being responsible for the crime. When combined with their and their friends in the Lebanese government prior accusations to Al Hariri that he was an agent for the American and Israeli intelligence, their current accusations become nothing but a stupid joke.

The Arab satellite TV stations are covering the event and its development on hourly basis these days. While Al Jazeera and official Arab TVs are expectedly defending Syria and feeding conspiracy theories -that only they can come up with without feeling the slightest shame or paying any attention to how stupid it makes them look or better say how unrealistically they wish all people to be that stupid to buy such crap-others like Al Arabyia, LBC (Lebanese) are trying to be more objective and even giving obvious signs that the accusations against Syria are not unfounded at all!

The funny thing is that those channels and news sources always look silly since they spew they same conspiracy crap day in and day out.

Anyone who’s been following the Lebanese issue would find no difficulty at all in concluding who assassinated Al Hariri. The man resigned from his position as a PM under the Syrian pressure to re-elect President Imil Lahood which he opposed and then declared that he was contacting the opposition to join them in support of immediate execution of Security Council resolution number 1559 that demands the withdrawal of Syrian troops from all Lebanese territories.

This was going to be a serious threat to the Syrian regime and its friends in Lebanon, as prior to that only the Christians demanded the Syrian withdrawal and later were joined by the Durooz (a She’at sect), and if Al Hariri had joined them it meant that most Arab Sunnis would do so to and that would mean the majority of the Lebanese people would be asking for the Syrian withdrawal. In fact the majority always wanted that but they feared to voice their opinion because the army, the Mukhabarat and Hizbullah’s militia are all in the hands of Syria. Thus it’s more than clear who has the motive and the means to assassinate Al Hariri. Not to mention that they’re the only parties that refuse an International investigation.

However, and like all dictatorial regimes, the Syrian government has only speeded its end by committing or supporting such a crime, as now the Lebanese people are enraged and nothing can silence their demand, and to their good luck they seem to have the support of the International community and most importantly that of the USA.

I certainly hope this will be the end result but you never really know in that wacky world of politics in the Middle East.

The fellas over at Iraq The Model have some interesting info also:

I will start with the assassination of the Lebanese ex-PM, Al-Jazeera is now conducting a poll about the most likely parties to be behind for the assassination. The list of choices included the following:

Israeli agents, American agents, Lebanese rebels, Syrian rebels and “others”.

What’s new! The 1st two choices are characteristic of Al_Jazeera and conspiracy theorists and of course it’s not in any of these countries interest to kill a man who’s somehow in support of their vision about the Syrian role in Lebanon but the next two choices make no sense at all, that’s at least how I see it.

That poll got a big laugh from me, almost sounds like the DU in some respects.

Then they move on to some more laughs from the the Saturday Nite Live channel Al-Jazeera:

Okay, I will stop this rambling of subjects irrelevant to each other and I will end the post with a joke about (guess who?) Al-Jazeera:

The post that
big pharaoh wrote a few days ago reminded me of the last couple of series of the “Ittijah Al-Mo’akis” or the Opposite Direction show on Al-Jazeera.

Its worth mentioning that this show which is supposed to focus on the hot topics has completely ignored the Iraqi elections on its episode that was shown two days after the elections took place inside Iraq and 5 days after elections started outside the country.

However they dedicated last week’s episode to “discuss” the elections.

Regardless of all the bias and the hostility the show carries against Iraq one thing made me really laugh from my heart.

One caller who was a woman from Saudi Arabia said that the Iraqi elections were a joke, an American theatrical action and all this kind of crap like “no democracy under occupation”?blah blah blah.

Imagine, a woman from Saudi Arabia criticizes our elections! A woman from a country that doesn’t give women the right to cast votes even in municipal councils elections!! Let alone that the Saudi “parliament” members are appointed not elected.

The point here is why would I ask someone who doesn’t have the right to participate in elections in his/her own country to give an opinion about elections in another country?!

A friend who sitting next to me said mocking “never mind the b****, she’s just jealous of our country’s women who won 25% of the seats but when she gets the right to give her opinion on the color of the doormen uniform in her country, then that she will call true democracy”.

Gotta love Al-Jazeera, they’re skits really are funny. Go read the rest, the brothers have finally started “real” blogging in their pajama’s