White House Lefty Reporters


I’m sure many of you are aware about the the Jeff Gannon (aka James Guckert) story. If not you can go to any of the looney left blogs, especially the king loon, Kos. He is the reporter who worked for Talon.com whom was given white house credentials and asked questions of the administration with a right slant. He got in trouble since he was using a fake name and has a few gay porn site names reserved but not used.

Now we all know Helen Thomas, another lefty nutcase reporter, has been asking questions of the President with her lefty slant but no one is upset about that. Move over Helen (hat tip Croooow Blog):

Most White House reporters who spoke with E&P declined to comment on Gannon’s work, other than to say he was known to be partisan.”There was a ‘there goes Jeff again’ attitude among many in the room,” said Ken Herman of Cox Newspapers, who often sat next to Gannon at press briefings but rarely spoke with him. “He was often agitated by other’s questions. He seemed wound up pretty tight at times.”

But Herman, who has covered the White House on and off since 2001, said there are a number of reporters who show up from news organizations he’s never heard of or offer questions as partisan as Gannon’s, although in their cases, mostly likely, they are working under their real names.

“There are times in that briefing room where I am hard-pressed to tell you who they are working for or who sees their reporting,” Herman said.

Several reporters pointed to Russell Mokhiber, editor of Corporate Crime Reporter, who has been attending press events through a daily press pass for several years. Some say he is as partisan as Gannon in his questions, but often with a left-leaning approach. One reporter called him “the ideological flip-side of Gannon.”Most recently, Mokhiber gained notice during a McClellan press briefing on Feb. 1 by asking the press secretary if Bush believed in the Sixth Commandment — thou shalt not kill — and if so, how could he support the Iraq War? McClellan did not respond to the question.

Then Henry over at Croooow Blog updated with some added info:

UPDATE: The hypocrisy can’t get much thicker in Kos’ comments (“Got an email from Helen Thomas today”):

It was brief, but I was thrilled that she responded. She says that she doesn’t know Gannon personally, but does think that the standards for accrediting White House press have fallen.

Then, they actually mention Mokhiber (who “might be sympathetic to our cause”) and apparently want his thoughts on the matter… Wow.

My guess there won’t be too much blogging about this guy over on the looney left.

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