Reagan Stamp Unveiled


Via Reaganesque comes the news that the USPO has unveiled the new Reagan stamp:

A beaming, twinkle-in-the-eye Ronald Reagan is depicted on a new commemorative stamp, perhaps an especially fitting honor for a former president who is said to have sent at least 10,000 letters in his lifetime.

The 37-cent stamp was unveiled Wednesday in ceremonies around the country, including at the Ronald Reagan Building International Trade Center. Several of those in attendance, calling themselves “Reaganites” and Reagan administration “alum,” recalled Reagan’s sense of humor and bright optimism, saying those characteristics were evident in the painting used for the stamp.

James Miller, chairman of the Postal Service board of governors, said the stamp shows Reagan’s famous smile, tilt of head and twinkling blue eyes in a way that captures the “warmth, personality and humanity of Ronald Reagan.”

The ceremony included a video tribute to Reagan, including clips of his youth and his time in office, along with his wife, first lady Nancy Reagan. The video called him “a man of letters,” saying Reagan sent more than 10,000 letters during his lifetime.