Save Our License In California


Just wanting to give a plug to who is sponsoring a bill to prevent illegal immigrants from getting a government ID such as our driver’s license and free public benefits.

Here are some details:

The are four major parts to the Save Our License Initiative.

1. The government shall not authorize or provide driver’s licenses or government identification cards, in-state college tuition discounts, welfare and other tax-funded benefits to illegal aliens.

2. The State must defend this amendment against any and all challenges in state or federal court.

3. Private citizens have the right to sue the State or local government to insure compliance with this amendment.

4. Government officials and elected officials who willfully violate this amendment may be held personally liable for the costs of litigation.

The Save Our License Initiative puts the power back into the hands of the people by giving them the ability to enforce violations of this constitutional amendment, and hold those who violate the amendment personally liable for damages.

This initiative specifically exempts any benefits that are required under federal law.

They need 600,000 signatures and they need em quick. They have close to 500,000 of them so far. So if you live in The Republic of California and want to save our license you can download a petition here, fill it out and send it in. They must be postmarked by Feb 11th. Take em to work and let’s get these signatures.

Here is a interesting wanted poster related to this topic.

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