Ritual Slaughter Of His Own Daaughter


Via Discarded Lies comes this completely sickening story of a father executing his own 13 year old daughter.

Here is the news report in Arabic, translated it says the following:

January 27th, 2005

A Kuwaiti Takfiri slaughtered his daughter while she pleaded: “daddy…the knife is hurting me”. He replied “say your shahada (confession*)…you’re going to heaven”.

Yesterday Kuwait witnessed one of the most gruesome crimes when a citizen came forward to slaughter his daughter (an thirteen year old)
with a knife after tying her hands while she begged of him, “daddy…you’re hurting me…daddy it hurts”. And the murderer, named Adnan A., confessed to committing his crime because his daughter disobeyed his directives and he also confessed that he requested of his daughter to say her shahada (confess) before he ritually slaughtered her, and she complied. And after he first sliced her neck, upon which she bled copiously while screaming “daddy save me”, he left her and replaced his dull knife with a sharp one and then completed her slaughter!

To the shock of her four siblings, whom the father called to the room to witness the crime. And according to the confessions of the killer, he tied his daughter’s hands together first, then blindfolded her, and she thought in the beginning that he was playing a game with her, and yet she pleaded to him, when he began to murder her, not to kill her. And we have learned that the murderer is an employee of the Ministry of Waqfs (religious trusts) and he is a member of the group Al Takfir Wal Hijra (Excommunication and Exile) and has previously served a one and a half year long prison sentence in Saudi Arabia for the reason
of his embrace of Takfiri beliefs.

It happened in Kuwait…the demise of a child who contravened the dictates of her father?

He tied up his daughter with a rope and ordered her, “say your shahada” and then slaughtered her in two stages because the knife was dull.

“Say your shahada” “Daddy, why?” and it was only moments before this “father” roped the hands of his 13 year old daughter behind her back while she said:

“Daddy the rope is hurting my wrists”

“Say your shahada,” replied her father.

And it was only moments before he brought forth the knife, and said again to his daughter: “say your shahada”…and he lifted her chin to expose her neck, and began slicing his daughter’s throat while she screamed “Daddy! My neck, it hurts, I’m bleeding, daddy! daddy!” until the murderer completed his crime.

What has been presented to you isn’t a cinematic scene; but rather a true crime that Kuwait witnessed yesterday when the murderous criminal Adnan Kh. A. ventured to slaughter his daughter because she contravened his social direction.

And the criminal, who lives in the area of Bayan returned from the Hajj and when his little child met him, excited at his return, he ambushed her with suspicious questions…but she answered laughingly, not knowing what her father was talking about. So the man took her to her room in the presence of her four younger siblings.

And in the midst of the siblings’ daze and after reaffirming from the child what he believed what had happened (and she didn’t understand), the criminal “father” brought out a rope and tied his daughter’s hands together, and at first pause, she thought that he was playing with her…until the rope began chafing her wrists uncomfortably, and she started calling to him “daddy, daddy…the rope is hurting me, loosen the rope it’s making my wrists sore.” But the murderous father requested her confession (shahada) of her in the midst of the stupefaction of her younger siblings…then he covered her eyes with a cloth while she screamed “No, daddy…no daddy! What are you doing?” But the murderer replied “you will go to heaven”. And he asked her again to say her shahada, and he brought out his knife and began slicing her throat open, and when she screamed “the knife, it’s slaughtering me! Daddy you’re slaughtering me! My neck is hurting me!” he replied, “say your shahada”.

So the child confessed (said her shahada) again, meanwhile the murderer who slaughtered his daughter in two stages because his first knife was dull was sharpening his knife while his daughter bled…then he sliced her neck again in the midst of her siblings’ daze after which they fled the scene and headed outside the house yelling “help! help!” and met their uncle who was walking towards the house, he took the child immediately to the Bayan hospital but her soul departed her body.

Her father lingered in the house for several minutes until the police came, and he confessed to the detectives the previous details. He met the men at his front door with “Is she dead yet?” and when they replied in the positive he said “May Allah have mercy on her…if only I had had a few more minutes, I could have finished off the remainder” (the rest of his children).

And we have learned that the murderer Adnan A. is among a group who were detained for a year and a half in Saudi Arabia because they had embraced Takfiri ideology, and he returned to the country (Kuwait) a year ago and got a job at the Ministry of Waqfs.

She begged me At the end of the interview with the murderer, he broke into tears, and told the security men: “she was begging me not to kill her”.

I really am speechless. Being a cop I have seen many dead people, including children but this scene is just too much. I’m hoping that in Kuwait they execute people by stoning.

Who are the Takfiri?

They are a part of what is called Sunni Islamic Fundamentalism. They are among the most radical and extremist in ideology and methodology. Followers of this extremist ideology are called Takfiris. Takfiris believe that true Muslims must depose, or excommunicate unnatural or false rulers and can do so only through active struggle. Takfiris take their beliefs out of the realm of contemplation and into the realm of action. Takfiri cells are trained to blend into Western societies, which they view as “kufar” (atheist, corrupt, or infidel) in order to plot terrorist attacks against those “corrupt” societies. Members of Takfiri cells may live together, not pray or attend Mosque, partake in alcohol and narcotics, and dress to assimilate and integrate into the communities they live in an attempt to avoid suspicion and/or detection.

Most of the 9/11 terrorists were Takfiri.

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