Real Hero & A Country Star


Now I’m not a huge fan of country music. Grew up with heavy metal and to this day my favorite band is Metallica. But I also have a hidden secret, I listen to country sometimes.

Now Jennifer at A Collection Of Thoughts put up a new country video tonight and I thought, hmmm….kinda strange for her, a music video on her blog? Then I read who the country singer was and it was Keni Thomas. If you don’t recognize the name then I’ll remind you a bit. He is a Army Ranger who on Oct 3rd, 1993 was the squad leader of Chalk III. Chalk III was sent in to secure the perimeter of a hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia. This was immortilized in the movie Black Hawk Down.

So right away I click on the link not really thinking I would be too impressed. Great soldiers usually don’t turn out to be great singers….was I wrong. This video and song is a must see, even if you dont like country. You have to see it. Click his picture below.

What did I tell ya. It’s a great song and video. All the luck to Keni, you deserve it.

For a little history on Keni experience in Somalia check out a interview done in 1998.

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