Inciting Violence


While this whole Churchill thing is going on it look’s like there is a anti-american/terrorist speaker in my own backyard. (hat tip LGF) has a video up that is almost worst then this Churchill guy. It’s a speech by a Amir-Abdel Malik-Ali at the University in Irvine. Apparently some Jewish and pro-Isreal students held a memorial for victims of terror. The very next day the Muslim Student Union held a gathering in support of terrorism. Yup, you heard that right. The primetime speaker? Amir-Abdel Malik-Ali Jackass

Ali-Jackass has been quoted with a few wonderful statements in the past such as

“We ain?t gonna lose. We must implement Islam as a totality,” in which “Allah controls every place – the home, the classroom, the science lab, the halls of Congress.”…

“You’re [Jews] walking into all the traps we want you to walk into. You hijacked American foreign policy”…

“Sooner or later, today?s Muslim students will be the parents of Muslim children. And they should be militants”

This article has some more tidbits:

Abdel Malik Ali, an African-American imam affiliated with Oakland’s Masjid Al Islam mosque, took the podium and sent a nervous ripple through the crowd by immediately denouncing “the white man, who is the enemy.” Presently his monologue narrowed in on Daniel Pipes. Pipes, Ali declared, “can kiss our behind! Your days are numbered,” Ali said sharply to an imaginary Pipes and whoever supports him. “Your days are numbered in the apartheid state of Israel and in America.”

“Allahu akbar,” some chanted.

“The Zionist Jews done really messed up,” Ali said. “I’m talking about the Zionist Jews, not all Jews, not the Jews who are down with us — because not all Jews are Zionists. I have to say that, otherwise I’ll get called an anti-Semite.”

Smart guy huh?

So anyways, this demonstration is in response to a event that mourned those lost to terrorist and here is a bit of what Ali-Jackass had to say.

And we have to sacrifice too, while we live here … in Am-ri-ka. The belly of the beast. The number one imperialist in the world.

But … let?s call it a state, OK? And then you gonna go get some Uncle Tom Palestinian leaders to fall for this okey-doke. Two-state solution is off the table. No. One state. And check this out! One state … majority rules. One state … majority rules.

Us. The Muslims.

[crowd yells ?Allahu Akbar!?]

In the comment section of LGF comes a response from a employee of UCI:

I am the facilities manager at the UCI Student Center, where this speech took place.This man shouted nothing but lies and inflamatory crap. As a state worker (that’s staff,NOTfaculty,and there is a large distinction)I have to stand there and listen to this spew. All this man spouted was hate for my country,and the state of Isreal. He was almost, promoting violence during the speech.

I tried to file a complaint about hate speech on campus, but was told that in order to avoid any violation of his free speech rights, there was nothing that could be done. My question at that time was, where is my freedom of speech? As a state employee, I can’t get up to voice my opinion,which, I assure you would be completely diffrerent from this persons.

I have read LGF for over a year now and have just started posting.I almost feel that I know some of you, and although I have been a lurker, I have felt akin to you as we have the same political outlook. In reference to an earlier post this man that gave the speech is not an employee of the university,just a jerk that the mooslime stujdent union paid to incite some trouble on campus, the day after BUS19 was here. Shalom.

How is this speech inciting violence “free speech”? Can anyone explain that?

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