The Party Of Hate


I’m sure most of you have already heard about the toy soldier being portrayed as a hostage by the Terrorists in Iraq. Can’t really add anymore other they to say WTF! These guys must be so beaten down by our military that they have brain damage now.

Then add this story on to it about the Down Syndrome child sent to his death by these same assholes.

Amar Ahmed Mohammed was 19 years old. But the fact that he had the mind of a four-year-old did not stop the insurgency’s hard men as they strapped explosives to his chest and guided him to a voting centre in suburban Al-Askan.

One of Amar’s cousins, a 29-year-old teacher who asked not to be named, claimed the insurgents must have kidnapped him. “He was like a baby,” he said. “He had nothing to do with the resistance and there was nothing in the house for him to make a bomb. He was Shiite – why bomb his own people?

“He was mindless, but he was mostly happy, laughing and playing with the children in the street. Now, his father is inconsolable; his mother cries all the time.”

These are the types the MSM and the wacky left call insurgents…they are not insurgents, they are rotten pieces of rat filth terrorists, plain and simple. May they rot in hell.

Speaking about rat filth, did you hear that Chris Matthews suggested that our soldiers forced the Iraqi’s to vote at the end of a gun?

Chris Matthews’ animus toward President Bush’s Iraq policy is so great that on Sunday night he raised the possibility that U.S. soldiers forced Iraqis to vote. He asked Brian Williams: “Was it that clean? Was there no pushing by American soldiers or coalition forces to make people vote or discourage them from not voting?” Williams rejected to notion of any coercion. On Friday night, Matthews foresaw disaster before Sunday’s vote: “Is it likely we’re going to see a massive, Tet-style, like we had in Vietnam, explosion of opposition over the next 24 hours? They’re really gonna throw out everything they’ve had at these elections to try to bring them down?”

When I read the above my first instinct was to type out a pretty hateful sentence about Matthews, but you know what, we are better then these lib’s. The DU and their ilk will post hateful things about people with no regard for common decency, I wont do it. I will just say one thing, your a complete jackass Matthews.

How about the CNN new’s exec who recently said the following at the World Economic Forum. (hat tip LGF)

During one of the discussions about the number of journalists killed in the Iraq War, Eason Jordan asserted that he knew of 12 journalists who had not only been killed by US troops in Iraq, but they had in fact been targeted. He repeated the assertion a few times, which seemed to win favor in parts of the audience (the anti-US crowd) and cause great strain on others.

Are these people insane? US Soldiers delibertly shot at journalists…the left is completely losing it.

Speaking of jackass’s. Apparently Howard Dean, the probably DNC head (please let it be so), said the following recently.

“I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for, but I admire their discipline and their organization,” the failed presidential hopeful told the crowd at the Roosevelt Hotel, where he and six other candidates spoke at the final DNC forum before the Feb. 12 vote for chairman.

But Dean said the Democrats should not change their beliefs to be “Republican lite.”

“We can talk about our faith, but we cannot change our faith,” he said, echoing themes he sounded in his presidential bid. “We need to be people of conviction.”

Woot! The Democratic Party is now the party of hate! As The Captain said

I have no problem with opposition; that’s the basis of free speech and democracy, after all. But to have someone who wants to claim the leadership post of one of the two major political parties tell the nation that he hates a plurality of Americans would disqualify a Republican candidate immediately. Apparently, over at the DNC, that’s their primary prerequisite.

Dean and his followers demonstrate the illness that has infected the American Left since the 1960s. They don’t just oppose — they hate. They hate Republicans, they hate suburbia, they hate just about everything America has done. They also hate it when people point out this rather obvious fact, claiming that their critics engage in censorship and McCarthyism. However, it’s pretty damned difficult to maintain that facade when Dean gets up on a stump and says, “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for.”

Can this get any better folks? As a few have suggested, this party is going the way of the Whigs.

Last but not least comes news that some new billboards went up in my neck of the woods (hat up Ace Of Spades)

Can’t wait to see them in person….nice!

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